Spotlight On Trent Davis

Trent Davis, the subject of this  spotlight, first made a splash in a sizzling scene with fellow newcomer Ty Colt in the Falcon production, The Trainer (FVP192). Since then, he has gone on to be one of Falcon’s hottest new stars.


Trent will appear next in both Roughin’ It (FVP195) and the upcoming release Morning Wood (FVP198). We caught up with Trent and had a brief chat  with this stud. Read on after the jump for the interview!

Falcon: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today, Trent. How did you get into gay porn?

Trent: I was actually referred by a friend.

Falcon: Well be sure to thank that friend for us!

Trent: [Laughs] Oh I will, no problem.


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Falcon: So are you currently dating anyone?

Trent: No, I’m happily single at the moment.

Falcon: Do you think that being in porn has helped you when it comes to dating? Or has it hurt your prospects?

Trent: Honestly, I haven’t really noticed a difference yet.


Falcon: What about a guy turns you on the most?

Trent: I kind of like the bad boy type. You know, with tatt’s, maybe a few piercings. Confidence, a little bit of attitude. But not cocky.

Falcon: Do you have any fetishes or fantasies?

Trent: I tend to be dirty in my own sex life. I try to be good, but I like to experiment [Laughs]

Falcon: Do your friends or family know about your work in porn?

Trent: Actually yeah, they do. And they’re all very supportive.

Falcon: So if we see you out at a bar, and drinks are on us, what are we getting you?

Trent: Anything with vodka. I mean, I like tequila too, but it fucks me up too fast.


Falcon: What’s your food weakness? The one thing you know you shouldn’t eat, but just can’t resist?

Trent: Cinnamon rolls. I love them so damn much.

Falcon: What are you doing when you’re not filming a movie? Do you have any hobbies?

Trent: I’m probably just hanging out with friends or helping my dad on his farm.

Falcon: Great! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today, Trent!

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