Spotlight On Derrek Diamond

It’s certainly been a while since our last spotlight! Sorry to leave you hanging, but we’re back with a look at Derrek Diamond, the sexy, hung and actually pretty funny star of recent Mustang production, Darkroom (MVP103) as well as new and upcoming Falcon titles Pledgemaster: The Hazing (FVP197) and Morning Wood (FVP198)


We spoke with Derrek recently and probed him (no, not that way, though we wish…) for his insights on life, porn and Kanye West. Read on!

Falcon: Thanks for chatting with us  Derrek! How’s life in porn been treating you?

Derrek: Very well! I’m having a blast.

F: Great! Good to hear! So tell us, what would you say is your idea of true happiness?

D: Hmm…I’d say hanging out and laughing with friends and family, listening to music and relaxing. Nothing really satisfies quite like that.


F: Is there something you fear the most?

D: Yeah, of course. It’s hard to narrow down, but losing my teeth is a pretty big fear of mine. Or being bound, gagged and submerged underwater. Yeah, that’s pretty terrifying.

F: You’ll get no argument from us! Is there a person alive today that you particularly admire?

D: Not sure. I know I’d certainly love to admire Jason Mraz as he sings to me around a campfire, but I suspect that’s not the definition of “admire” you intended.


F: Oh what the hell, it works! Is there a trait of yours or something about yourself that you wish you could change?

D: Yeah, definitely; my short attention span- oh look, shiny! [Laughs] I’d also like to have a better idea about my future. Oh and I’d like a nose job.

F: Is there a talent you’d like to possess?

D: Sure. I’d love to have the power of flight, though I’d settle for just being able to skip really, really high.


F: What would you consider an overrated virtue?

D: Virginity! I mean, come on? Does it really do anyone any good? Who benefits from it? Certainly not the virgin and definitely not the people they’re NOT fucking!


F: Hahaha, I guess you have a point there. What qualities do you find most attractive in a man?

D: Confidence would come first, followed closely by loyalty and honesty.

F: And are there any traits that are instant dealbreakers?

D: Yeah, I’m sure there. If the guy is super hot and confident but a total douchebag otherwise, then everything else is eclipsed by that. Take Kanye West for example; talented, popular and a total inexcusable douche.


F: Indeed. What are you most proud of in your life so far?

D: When I was 19, I moved across the country with no money and no place to live. Just a hell of a lot of hope. But I managed to carve out a pretty decent life for myself. I’m pretty proud of that.

F: Are there any words or phrases you may use a little too much?


D: Oh god, a ton of them. A short list would include; right, whatevs, perv, totally, troll…I could keep going…

F: I think that will suffice. Finally, a heavy question to leave on…how would you like to die?

D: Haha, wow, I have no idea. I think I’d rather just become a vampire and live forever. But not a goddamned sparkly emo vampire. I’d rather be more like Lestat than those Twlight pussies.



  1. Malachi

    December 22, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    I LOVE the photo of Derrek with Erik Rhodes’s dick in his ass. I never wanted to be Erik Rhodes than when I saw that photo.

  2. Xavier O. Sanchez

    January 4, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Dear Derek,
    You are SO hot!!! Keep up the excellent work! Hope to see you in many more movies. You Rock!!!

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