Meet TRISTAN JAXX: A New Falcon Exclusive

San Francisco, CA – July 20, 2007 – Falcon Studios announces today the signing of Tristan Jaxx to an Exclusive contract. Jaxx’ first film performance will be in the John Bruno directed movie; “Endless Crush” (FVP179) due out on October 22nd. Jaxx first came to the attention of Falcon Studios after hearing that, as a power top, he routinely broke his bed having sex.

Tristan Jaxx: Gay Porn Star

The 26 year old Puerto Rican stud was quickly asked to do Falcon TV and after watching his impressive debut performance, he was signed as an Exclusive and cast in “Endless Crush”.

In Jaxx’ debut film scene, he is paired with power bottom Mason Wyler who not only takes his amazing 9×6”cock but also drives him to a standing cum shot where he shoots a full foot up over his head.

Falcon’s Director of Promotion commented, “Tristan is going to do very well in this business. He was a natural in his very first performance, and after his debut film is out for fellow performers to see, we’ll undoubtedly have a line of bottoms just waiting to do a scene with him.” Jaxx, who professes that he likes his sex rough and hard claims that the first bed he broke was when he fucked a college quarterback from his native Boston during his first year at Dartmouth College. Jaxx currently resides in San Francisco where he aspires to be a major club DJ and works full-time in the legal industry.

To see Jaxx in action, log on to and watch his Falcon TV replay with Wolf Hudson.


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  2. regem heliste

    December 6, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    Since 1976 you’ve shown us how to pick the correct male for your publication and industry. Needless to say you are a winner!

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