Dominic Pacifico (aka: DJ Pornstar) Provides Boom-Chicka-Wow-Wow To “Adrenaline”


A lot of behind-the-scenes talent went into making “Adrenaline” – the latest Mustang film to be released on DVD. Along with multi-tasking directors Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo (who also handle cameras, lights, editing and occasional performing duties) cast member Dominic Pacifico (aka: DJ Pornstar) also made a significant contribution to the film. Not only did Dominic perform in the films sizzling three-way with Alexsander Freitas and Spencer Reed but he also composed the soundtrack for the film. Dominic – a well known DJ in the San Francisco/Bay Area composed an original soundtrack befitting of the films title, “Adrenaline”. If you want your porn to have a distinct hump-bump-n-pump energy look no further – “Adrenaline” has exactly what you need. For more information on Dominic Pacifico and his DJ schedule please visit:

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