Ultimate Falcon Fans Get The Ultimate Falcon Book!

If you’ve admired the men of Falcon over the course of the company’s 40 year history you can’t be without this coffee table book!

400 pages of the finest gay-erotic-images the world has seen, which tell the story of Falcon Studios, as well as a significant portion of gay history itself. Founder Chuck Holmes shaped the unmistakable Falcon look — his models, extremely well groomed and all very well endowed, were set in luxurious surroundings and posed in poses that signaled lust and willingness for sex. This look had a lasting effect on the adult industry and almost 40 years later Falcon is one of the premiere producers of gay erotica. “Ultimate Falcon” shows why, decade by decade and director by director…revealing the history behind an iconic erotic brand.

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  1. Teko

    March 20, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    nice book but i didn’t have it so is on sale to the public where did i can find it cause im far from san francisco i use to leave close there in walnut creek but now im south cal.

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