Phoenix, AZ, April 8th, 2010 – Falcon Entertainment the world’s leading gay adult brand and award winning Next Door Entertainment today announced the launch of a strategic partnership between the two companies. The agreement establishes a partnership to combine Falcon Entertainment’s production of iconic gay adult content with the online marketing expertise, well-established know-how and reach of Next Door Entertainment and its affiliate platform, Next Door Buddy Profits.

The strategic partnership will see Falcon Entertainment and Next Door Entertainment work cooperatively to develop and launch an innovative new digital strategy for Falcon and its family of well known brands. The partnership will include Falcon Entertainment continuing to produce original content while Next Door Entertainment will become the provider of membership sites, online marketing and affiliate program management.

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Falcon joins with other leading adult companies such as COLT Studio Group and Elite Male that have established similar strategic partnerships with one another and Next Door Entertainment.

Steve Johnson, President of Falcon Entertainment said, “This partnership agreement marks the beginning of a focused strategy to greatly enhance Falcon’s online presence. Our priority is to consistently deliver the Falcon brand experience across every digital channel. Given the current changes and trends in the adult industry, we knew we would need a strategic partner who could assist us with making this vision a reality. Next Door Entertainment and its partnership with Gamma Entertainment, proved to be the best choice for us, given their deep resource pool of talent and expertise.”

“Going forward, as we make the transition to becoming a truly online company, Next Door Entertainment’s experience will be extremely valuable to us. Given Falcon’s long standing position as a leader in the gay adult industry we feel it is essential that we are able to continue to focus on producing the high-quality content our fans have come to expect. This new business partnership will allow us to do that, while at the same time ensuring that the Falcon brand gains the same level of success in the online world as well,” said Johnson.

Stephan Sirard, President of Next Door Entertainment, commented, ““These types of strategic partnerships are the way of the future for the gay adult sector. It is in the better interest of all to work together rather than compete with one another. The cooperation between companies like COLT Studio Group, Elite Male, Next Door Entertainment and Falcon Entertainment enable everyone to grow their online businesses in a more efficient and profitable way.”

Sirard went on to say, “This is a partnership that makes sense for both companies. We chose to partner with Falcon because of their outstanding award winning content, powerful brand name and the commitment they have to growing their online business. It is a brand that has remained at the top for over three decades and is known by gay men around the world. If you combine Falcon’s expertise and leadership in the production of high quality gay content and Next Door’s technology and gay marketing expertise, you have a winning combination for both Falcon fans and affiliates.”

In the coming months, Falcon Bucks affiliates will be migrated to be part of the Next Door Buddy Profits affiliate program. More details for making the transition to Next Door Buddy Profits will be communicated directly to Falcon Bucks affiliates well in advance of the changeover.

Fans and members of falconxxx.com and other membership sites within the Falcon family can expect to see a series of site upgrades to come over the next few months that will deliver an enhanced user experience.


For Further Information:

Falcon Entertainment-

Email: troy@falconstudios.com
Tel:(415) 321-6618

Next Door Entertainment –
Email: ssirard@fcfagency.com
Tel: (707) 318- 5935

Background Information:

About Falcon Entertainment:

For more than 30 years, the Falcon Family of Companies (www.falconstudios.com) has remained at the forefront of the gay erotic industry. From the early classic eight millimeter loops to feature length award winning productions and into the digital age, the Falcon Family of Companies continues to set standards by which erotic entertainment is measured. With every new release, Falcon reaffirms its commitment to maintaining the highest aesthetic values while showcasing some of the world’s most stunning men enjoying their sexuality in exotic and erotic locales.

About Next Door Entertainment:

Owned and operated by Zubb Media Inc., Next Door Entertainment is one of the world’s leading gay adult companies. Next Door Entertainment was born in 2006 of an association between the world’s largest amateur adult modeling agency, FCF Agency, and Gamma Entertainment, a leader in networking technologies. The many brands that make up the Next Door Entertainment portfolio deliver erotic and exciting gay adult content to viewers all over the world daily. Our online properties include nextdoorbuddies.com , nextdoormale.com , nextdoorhookups.com , nextdoorpass.com, nextdoorstudios.com and nextdoorentertainment.com plus the highly popular Next Door Presents star sites codycummings.com , tommydxxx.com and masonwyler.com .

Through our unique partnership business model Next Door Entertainment also powers many of the world’s best known online adult brands including COLTstudiogroup.com, maledigital.com , bisexdigital.com , viscontitriplets.com, nudemaledancers.tv , vintagegaylooops.com
and gaypornaccess.com .

We are also a leader in affiliate program management. Our award winning Next Door Buddy Profits affiliate program buddyprofits.com has set an industry leading standard for quality, reliability and outstanding marketing programs.
Next Door Studios, one of the world’s leading creators, producers and distributors of gay adult content is the cornerstone of our content and production strategy. Next Door Studios develops and distributes video entertainment across worldwide digital distribution platforms such as DVD, VOD, subscription sites and mobile

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  1. Alex

    April 8, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    Sorry Falcon but you just lost a long time customer. You were the first studio whose porn I purchased and I continued to purchase new releases. No longer. I will not purchase anything that supports Cody Cummings, Next Door, or Buddy Profits. They have a history of homophobic statements being posted on Cody Cummings blog and recently Mr. Cummings posted a video where he said gay sex would make a person insane. I know your eye is on the Cybersocket awards because Buddy Profits own them and you guaranteed awards next year but at what price. I always thought Falcon represent a pro-gay ideal even if they used gay for pay performers but to unite with a studio that elevates a homophobe to star status and pushes his site on gay blogs while he publically announces his disgust of gays doesn’t cut it in 2010. You may think that doesn’t effect you but being partners with them will make them money and they will use that money to fund the Next Door sites and especially Cody Cummings who they treat as a crown jewel. It maybe easy to dismiss my comments as those of a lone objection but make no mistake Cody Cummings is rapidly become poison to the gay community and anyone connected with him will also lose money. Ask them how many members they have lost since January specifically because of Cody and ask them how Cody’s Alexa ratings can go from 30,000 in December to an Average of 75,000 in March with consitent 100,000 point drops after update traffic. People aren’t renewing and disgruntled members are warning others to avoid the sites. Even the most loyal members are leaving as a result of their continued support of Cody’s website and this is the ship that you are choosing to place the most respected name in gay porn on during this economic storm? So I and many others will not buy your products as long as you are connected with Next Door or until Next Door releases Cody Cummings. Since that is unlikely to happen I say goodbye.

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