Erik Rhodes: The Kind You Don’t Take Home To Grandmother

We were walking down Castro Street the other day and were reminded of a particularly freaky afternoon with Erik Rhodes, well, come to think of it could there be any other kind of afternoon with Erik Rhodes?

There ARE times when ya just can’t take him anywhere – unless it’s a Marc Jacobs fashion show I guess – yeah, THERE he’s on his best behavior (well, minus that little incident of having a certain someone removed from the after-party. I guess it’s a good thing Anna Wintour wasn’t there since Erik has a thing for insulting ‘old ladies’.

FVP183 - Fleet Week

If you have any questions for Erik – and if you do ask them fast so he can get to the good stuff – you can ask on Saturday, March 8th when Erik will be performing his next LIVE webshow at You may also want to check out what all the fuss is about and get your very own Erik Rhodes Supercock – and it really would make the perfect Easter gift too, don’t ya think?

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