Roman Returns From Italy – Just For You!

Literally fresh off the plane from Italy (Rome to be exact) Roman will go on with the show! His LIVE web-show that is. Roman took a much needed vacation to Italy and all we requested was that he be back in time to do his web-show – no Pope t-shirt, Romeo & Juliet fridge magnet or Colosseum coffee mug requests – just get back and do your show.

Roman Heart

Actually we’re upset – we asked to go along – you get SO much more action when you’re with Roman Heart – and we were told no. No? Oh wait – did we forget to tell you who we’ve cast as Roman’s scene partner in his next movie? It all evens out – it really does.

Watch Roman LIVE tomorrow night 3/12/086pm-7pm PST – OH, and should he use a little souvenir to spice things up?? Do anything for ya? I’m sure Sister Roma would tell me I’m going to hell for EVEN suggesting such a thing but I had to, I just had to.

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