Meet The Men of Mustang’s “Depths of Desire Part 1”!

Director Erik Rhodes is on a roll. After filming “Rhodes’ Rules” – his directorial debut, he quickly followed with “Crotch Rocket” and then on to his first two-part film, “Depths of Desire Part 1 & 2” which he directed with the legendary Steven Scarborough. Keep your eye on Erik Rhodes – he’s working his way up to a Best Director nomination!

“Depths of Desire Part 1 & 2” takes place in a subterranean sex club and membership here definitely has its benefits. No one shows up unprepared – they all know what to expect and where to find it – no time is wasted here.

The cast of “Depths of Desire Part 1” features Jake Dakota, Scott Tanner, Tristan Jaxx, Nash Lawler, Girth Brooks, Colby Keller and newcomers Chris Porter, James Jamesson and Brandon Bangs.

Check out the cast in action after the jump…

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