Is Matthew Rush Your Online Fuck-Buddy?

In case you didn’t know it Matthew Rush just can’t get enough…enough working out (ahhh, how cute was he?), enough traveling, enough personal appearances… and most importantly, enough of his own dick. He loves that thing so much he can barely keep his hands off of it – in fact – this Sunday 3/16/08 6pm-7pm PST he’ll be showing you just how much he loves rubbin’ one out. Just for you – and a few hundred of his closest fans. But really…he’s doing it for you – JUST you.

Matthew Rush

Also, not to change the subject or anything but if you happen to be a big Matthew Rush AND RuPaul fan and happen to be in the Dade City, Florida area on March 28th30th you can ogle them both – together – on the same stage!!

Rupaul and Matthew will be attending the Sawmill Gay International Film Festival which recognizes the best in Gay & Adult Cinema. This year’s Festival highlight will be the Florida premiere of RuPaul’s new feature film ‘STARRBOOTY’. Matthew will be hosting three separate events during the Festival so there will be many opportunities for photo op’s! Don’t forget list: Lube, condoms, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, dollar bills for stripper tipping, wet-wipes (for the BBQ on the 28th…and the Falcon Garage Parties on the 28th & 29th!), and sharpies for autographs!!

Send us a postcard if ya get a second – we’ve never got one from Dade City, FL before – we get them from Raiford, FL all the time.

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