Dominic Sol – Gay Porn Star Spotlight

Let’s take a break from our stunning Falcon stars and get a more intimate look at one of our rugged studs from Mustang.  Dominic Sol is a newcomer to the Falcon family, and his style and performance was just so intense it landed him a cover of our latest Mustang release, Cruisin’ Grounds (MVP093).

We had a chance to sit with Dominic after filming one of his fantastic scenes, and here’s what he had to say about his turn-ons, aspirations, and how he spends his time when he’s not getting pounded by returning Mustang star Matt Majors.  Click the cut for his interview, plus some exclusive hardcore pics of this upcoming title.

 Dominc Sol

Falcon: You’re an absolute natural on camera and we can’t get enough of your scene.  What made you decide to get into the porn business?

Dominic: I needed to get paid! Definitely a fun way to make money.

F: Whats your background like, and where are you from originally?

D: I just moved over to San Francisco from Boston.  My roots are in Peru.. my entire family is Peruvian, but I grew up in Europe. Spain, Switzerland, England. All beautiful places.

Dominc Sol

F: We noticed your tattoos doing the shoot and I bet your fans would love to hear more..

D: I have 3… the stories about why I got them are for my ears only though. *grins* Also have 4 piercings, 2 in each ear.

F: They’re hot!  This is one of our favorite questions – how does doing porn help your love life? Do you have a partner, and what does he think of all the attention you get?

D: My boyfriend is Vinnie D’Angelo. Since he’s in the biz too, it works out fine. 

Dominic Sol

F: What do you look for in a potential partner?

D: My usuals – I need some masculinity, lots of muscle, hot arms, hotter bubble butt. A good soul and tender heart goes a long way with me too.

F: Sounds like someone we’d like to get to know too!  Be honest on this next one – what are your sexual fetishes and fantasies?

D: I’m really into the Daddy thing, but not so much with the age. I love being worked over by a guy with massive muscles who’s covered in tattoos.  I’m also really into the idea of getting gangfucked.

Dominc Sol

F: I doubt you’d have trouble finding enough willing tops. We’re almost done now… How do you spend your time when you’re not working?

D: Love music and going out dancing. Travel when money allows… and I love a great stimulating conversation.

F: Are there any stars out there in the industry you’re eager to do a scene with?

D: Matthew Rush! I’d also love to get it from Tom Chase, though I know he’s retired. Dirk Jager and Alex Baresi are on my list too.

Dominc Sol

F: Thanks Dominic. We hope to see a lot more of you.


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