NEW! Cameron Adams & Lucas Knowles!

Cameron Adams and Lucas Knowles cross paths at the beach and start kissing. Feeling safe and kinda naughty in such a public place Lucas gets on his knees and starts sucking Cameron’s dick. But that’s just the prelude to their afternoon tryst as they head home and get in the shower for some wet lovin’. They make out a bit more before Cameron opens wide to swallow Lucas’ uncut slab of meat and swab his fuzzy plums with spit. The men switch positions and Lucas takes his turn nursing on Cameron’s pole before he digs his tongue deep inside his buddy’s hole. Then he fucks his ass, driving his cock in and out in measured beats. They trade off again with Lucas riding Cameron’s cock for awhile before he takes charge again and screws his partner more aggressively. No longer able to hold back, they both blow their wads.

To watch this scene from “Summer Heat″ hop on over to – and to check out a few more pics

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