Top 10 Falcon Studios Group Military Movies

Top 10 Falcon Studios Group Military Movies

The brands of Falcon Studios Group have produced some of the hottest and most memorable military-themed gay porn movies and series of all time.  In celebration of the new Falcon film featuring a steamy platoon of Marines, Code of Silence, HUNT has compiled a list of the ten hottest military-themed releases from Falcon, Raging Stallion and Hot House studios. From the Marines to the Navy, and everywhere in between, get a load of all these soldiers hitting it hard in the armed forces.

#10 Destroyer

Step aboard the RSS Destroyer, a warship with a full complement of thirsty sea men who must turn to each other for sexual release. Director Steve Cruz captures the pent up sexual antics of these hung, hairy, horny sailors. Bennett Anthony doesn’t lift a finger to help his shipmates FX Rios and Aaron Reese complete their difficult cargo loading job. Bennett has a different kind of loading job in mind: the kind where FX and Aaron tag team him from both ends, ending with gushers of cum. Bruce Beckham and Brogran Reed report for duty with hard wood and a taste for cock. Hairy studs Tegan Zayne and Spencer Whitman have a flip flop in the boiler room that leaves their fur drenched with sweat and cum. Bruno Bernal doesn’t hold back when it comes to his cock lust for Gabriel Taurus’ girthy member, giving slobbering oral service before riding Gabriel’s cock with abandon. Sign up with the crew of the Destroyer and report for heavy-duty man on man action.

#9 Major Asshole

Director Steven Scarborough invades the barracks where Major Brandon Bangs, aka Major Asshole, instructs his troops in the art of man-to-man combat. Join the ranks of today’s finest young soldiers including Hot House Exclusives Craig Reynolds and Kyle King, Jackson Lawless, Kennedy Carter, Adam Knox, Alexsander Freitas, and Heath Jordan.

#8 Fit for Service

Making sure our servicemen are fighting fit is a tough job. Luckily there are the skilled medics whose crackerjack training has prepared them to properly treat the soldiers … and their privates.

#7 Code of Conduct: Stripped/Deliverance

Stripped: Honoring the Code of Conduct: a tale of domination and submission in the military. Follow super-hot Dean Spencer as he is locked up in solitary confinement, awaiting his dishonorable discharge. Stripped and shaved, he is forced to learn an entirely new way of life by Master Sargeant Jake Andrews. Also starring Falcon Exclusive Jeff Palmer…the adventure begins!

Deliverance: The next explosive chapter in the Code of Conduct Series…Dean Spencer’s sexual breakdown in the brig finds him blindfolded, alone in a corner, awaiting the next step of the Master Sargeant’s sexual mind games…will it be enemas, orgies, dildos…or all of them? And will he ever be “released”?

#6 The Recruits

Being in the military has never looked so HOT! Join Falcon Exclusive Brad Patton and Falcon Favorite Cade Devlin as these top recruits battle for a special assignment. Their bodies are subjected to tough CO’s, harsh terrain, and punishing captors in addition to hard bodies, hot cocks and asses, and some of the most intense sucking and fucking you’ll ever see. These recruits get rough treatment and come back for more. You won’t want to miss it! The lineup of enlisted studs also includes Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush, Falcon Exclusives Bobby Williams, Tyler Gunn, and Gus Mattox – in his first Falcon feature – along with Falcon Favorites Alex Lemonde, Breck Stewart, Chet Roberts, Joe Sport, Jon Galt. Enlist today!

#5 Fleet Week 2

Fleet Week was inspired by President Theodore Roosevelt’s “Great White Fleet” — sixteen battleships manned by 14,000 seamen circumnavigating the globe — in 1908. In years since, Fleet Week has offered tarheels from across the country an unmatched opportunity to take advantage of all that sparkling port cities like San Francisco have to offer…and take advantage, they do!

Follow along with sailors Aden Jaric, Landon Conrad and Chaz Riley as they paint the town in a whirlwind tour of erotic discovery and manifest destiny! Come celebrate our ripped, randy and ready seamen in another Fleet Week adventure!

#4 Private Lowlife

In his directorial debut for Hot House Video Michael Clift commands the finest enlisted men ever assembled in Private Lowlife! Bunker down in your favorite foxhole and watch this series of five military training reels that show the rigorous physical training and mental acuity needed to serve in the Hot House regiment! International sensation Hot House Exclusive Francesco D’Macho leads a cast of 12 muscle-bound jarheads including Lifetime Exclusives Alex Collack and Kent North! Also starring Drill Sergeant Marc Williams puts the troops to the test in our tongue-in-cheek tribute to the men in uniform!

#3 Fleet Week

The fleet’s in town and what else do horny sailors do on shore leave? Officers and enlisted men alike succumb to the charms of the city and more importantly sail into the arms of other hot-blooded and horny men.

#2 The Abduction Series: The Abduction, The Conflict & Redemption

The Abduction Series, Part I, The Abduction: The most controversial video ever! Fisting, hot wax, spanking, huge dicks, huge toys, mad enema doctors, and much, much more!

The Abduction Series, Part II, The Conflict: The abductors and the vanquished … rugged men in a struggle of right and justice over dark and sinister forces where sex abounds. Nothing is too much for these men!

It’s pointless for the down-in-the-mouth prisoners to think they can escape Prince Dezerad’s Secret Legion Headquarters. They’re quickly losing hope; their chance of rescue is fading fast; their desire to destroy this evil empire no longer seems possible. They sense doom and despair and see nothing but forced sexual domination with endless rallies of sucking and fucking and other decadent indignities. There is no escape from the carnal control by their masters … unless …

The Abduction Series, Part III, Redemption: An evil colonel, a righteous commando, and a prince who requires constant sex. From the secret society to the palace of the prince, young men must obey and serve their abductors’ every sexual desire…but it can’t last forever!

#1 Grunts Series: Grunts: The New Recruits, Grunts: Brothers in Arms & Grunts: Misconduct

The New Recruits: “Highly, Highly Recommended” – Martin Cox, Boot camp is a place where normal men are turned into fucking killers. Brutality is a training tool and abuse is the penalty of failure.

Brothers in Arms: Army GRUNTS have always been guinea pigs. For years the top brass has used enlisted soldiers for medical experiments in efforts to advance military science. GRUNTS: Brothers in Arms is the real story behind the development of the Gay Bomb – a true story taken straight from the front page of the New York Times! It is also the story of twin brothers – played by RSS superstar Steve Cruz and European heartthrob Orlando Toro. The Ramirez brothers are mirror images of one another – each a blistering hot stud who gets off on having sex. GRUNTS: Brothers in Arms is a brilliant display of sex like you have never seen filmed before. It’s an instant classic from America’s top studio!

Misconduct: Army life is rough and extremely demanding. Sergeants bark orders and expect them to be followed to the letter. As the GRUNTS are trained to be soldiers, down time becomes more and more important. Camaraderie comes into full play on the battlefield and is reinforced in the few minutes of rest and relaxation provided during training. The third installment in this trilogy follows the men through more training, more barking of orders, and stays with them during their time off. What happens when the sergeants aren’t around? How do the men in charge let off steam?

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