RagingStallion.com Releases First Scene From New DVD ‘Gaymers’

Steve Cruz Directs Rikk York and Fernando Del Rio in Debut Scene

RagingStallion.com, the Falcon Studios Group site featuring natural men, announced the release of the debut scene from its latest feature, Gaymers. Muscle studs, Rikk York and Fernando Del Rio get each other off with plenty of cock sucking, ass licking, and flip fucking fun. Spencer Whitman makes a non-sexual appearance to set the tone for the rest of the DVD, where he later gets in on the action. The scene will go live on RagingStallion.com on August 18, 2017. The DVD and scene downloads will be available the same day on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

In the new scene, Rikk York has just beat his sexy online gayming opponent, Spencer Whitman, when Fernando Del Rio comes in the room. Fernando is a bit jealous of Rikk’s online counterpart and Rikk does everything he can to appease Fernando. To help the situation, Rikk starts with a long, passionate session of making out with lots of heavy petting. Fernando needs a dick in his mouth and pulls Rikk’s thick throbbing cock out and immediately gets it down his throat. He sucks the big uncut dick, spitting and slobbering as he goes until Rikk is rock hard. Fernando loves the taste of a nice hairy asshole and bends Rikk over to get what he needs. Fernando takes his time with the wet hole and enjoys every second of the long and deep rim job. The taste of Rikk’s hairy ass makes Fernando rock hard and soon he’s enjoying the inside of Rikk when he plunges his thick staff balls deep into the stud. “Fuck me harder,” Rikk begs as Fernando builds to a steady ass-slapping rhythm. After getting his butt stretched wide open, Rikk wants in on the action and the two hunks switch it up when Fernando bends over to let Rikk inside. Fernando’s ass feels amazing and Rikk can no longer hold off. He pulls out and sprays his load all over Fernando’s back and hairy crack. After his release, Rikk wants to make sure Fernando gets his happy ending and immediately gets down on his knees to finish his buddy off. Fernando lets loose and slathers Rikk’s panting face with jizz before they kiss the cum away.

irector, Steve Cruz, is excited to have the debut scene from Gaymers released. “There’s a whole subculture of society that’s into online gaming,” he said. “Within that culture is an even more specific group of gaming men who happen to be gay and are referred to as Gaymers. This scene is a nod to their existence and explores the idea that boyfriends could possibly get jealous of online gaming partners.”

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