Model Spotlight: Sean Zevran

Hot House Exclusive Sean Zevran

Hot House Exclusive Sean Zevran is a gay porn versatile powerhouse! His dynamic and explosive performances have earned him countless awards, including winning XBIZ’s 2017 Gay Performer of the Year award. Sean towers and possesses bulging muscles that will make your mouth water. He’s also packing an 8.5″ inch uncut cock and one of the firmest, finest bubble butts in the biz. Zevran has recently cracked deals with respected toy company Fleshjack, to produce and mold toys from his famous assets. If for some odd reason you haven’t got to know Sean Zevran on screen yet, you can catch him in recent releases such as Dark Matter, The Trainer: No Excuses and Overpoweredall from Hot House and Code of Silencefrom Falcon Studios. Now see for yourself why Sean Zevran continues to prove that he’s a massive force to be reckoned with and a superstar to be celebrated.

Sean Zevran on the Falcon Studios Group Store
Sean Zevran Model Page on
Sean Zevran Model Page on Raging
Sean Zevran Model Page on

Sean Zevran Videography 

Dark MatterHot House
Code of Silence
Hot House
The Trainer: No Excuses
Hot House
Hot House
Bathhouse Ballers
Hot House
TKO Total Knockouts
Hot House
Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2
Falcon Studios
Depths of Focus – Hot House
Deep Release – Falcon Studios
Skuff: Rough Trade 2 – Hot House
The Trainer – Hot House
Drive Shaft – Raging Stallion
Ass Fiends – Hot House
My Big Fucking Dick – Sean Zevran – Falcon Studios
Hard Medicine – Hot House
Foreskin Mafia – Monster Bang
Sidewinder – Raging Stallion
The URGE – Pound That Butt – Hot House
Total Exposure 2 – Raging Stallion
Fire and Ice – Hot House
Labyrinth – Raging Stallion
Heated, Part Two – Falcon Studios
Beef Squad – Raging Stallion
Tahoe – Snowbound – Falcon Studios
Between the Sheets – Falcon Studios
Tahoe – Keep Me Warm – Falcon Studios
Clusterfuck! 2 – Raging Stallion
Slicked Up – Hot House
Submissive – Hot House
Pushing Limits – Hot House
After Glow – Hot House
Krossfire – Falcon Edge
America’s Finest – Monster Bang
Jacked – Falcon Edge
Auto Erotic, Part 2 – Raging Stallion
Auto Erotic, Part 1 – Raging Stallion
Cockstar – Falcon Studios
Backstage Pass – Hard Friction
Ass To Grind – Hard Friction
CraveFalcon Edge
 Falcon Edge
Stunners – 
Falcon Edge
Filthy Fucks – Monster Bang
Dirty Fuckers – Hot House
Naughty Pines 2 – Falcon Studios
Naughty Pines 1 – Falcon Studios

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