World Premiere: ‘Looking for the Big One’ Makes Waves on

Tony Dimarco Films as Beach Bums Unwind & Grind announces the first scene from the new beachfront feature from Tony Dimarco, Looking for the Big One. The new scene that features exclusive JJ Knight and fan favorite Addison Blue, debuts on Friday, September 08, 2017 on which coincides with the release of the DVD and downloads on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

In the new update, JJ Knight can hardly contain himself when he peels off Addison Blue’s shirt to reveal his slim beach body. The two studs fall onto the bed and start tangling tongues as they rub their bulges together through their board shorts. “I wanna see your cock,” Addison begs with a flirtatious look. JJ is all too happy to give his friend what he wants and unleashes his massive hard-on. Addison can’t believe his eyes, and quickly gets on his knees to get the above average appendage in his mouth. JJ is rock hard and needs to give Addison a sample of what his mouth has to offer. He quickly pulls down Addison’s shorts and gets to work sucking his buddy’s long, uncut dick. He works Addison’s stiff one, getting him throbbing hard and ready for the next level before he spreads Addison’s legs and feasts on his tight smooth hole. JJ can sense when Addison is opened up and when Addison begs for the massive monster to fuck him, JJ bends him over and slides his dick deep inside. JJ pumps the young stud and fills up his ass with every inch he has to offer. Addison wants a bit of control and takes over doing the work when he switches it up and hops on top of JJ to ride him all the way to the creamy finish. Addison is the first to let go and covers JJ’s chest with a big load of satisfaction. The fact that he was able to finish Addison off with just his dick makes JJ ready to follow and he covers Addison’s face with pure white pleasure.

“I’m very excited and happy that the scene with JJ & Addison is our debut one for the film” says director Tony Dimarco. “It really sets the stage for the entire production and newcomer Addison really delivers while riding JJ’s massive cock.”

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