Fill Your Easter Basket With Falcon

Rumor has it that this is Erik Rhodes’ way of saying Happy ‘fuckin’ Easter. And knowing how Erik likes to have a drink every now and then what kind of bar would he hang out in dressed like this? I have a feeling Splash Bar wouldn’t let him in even if his Easter basket was full of golden eggs laid by…fierce chicken tranny himself Christian Siriano. He’s no innocent chicken. Look out Marc Jacobs. Hummm…if Erik were to bend him over and fuck him I wonder if he’d make him ‘bock’ like a chicken … AAAAHH!! Erik Rhodes! AAAH! Erik Rhodes! The only thing that would suck is going to Chicken Jail.

FSC017 Erik Rhodes

You know those fierce chicken trannies would use his own Supercock on him in the showers. What goes around comes around. Ehhh…I think I’ll stick to watching Erik drill twink Cal Skye in his latest film “Overtime”.

Erik Rhodes & Cal Skye

Happy Easter. Eat Peeps.

Peep Show!

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