New Falcon Feature, ‘Head Play’, Explores a Virtual Reality Gaming World

Director Tony Dimarco Brings the Fantasy of Passion and Competition to Life

Falcon Studios Group, announced the release of the latest Falcon feature, Head Play, a futuristic film set in the present that explores the blurred lines between reality and fantasy in the world of virtual reality gaming. The intriguing world of sex, rivalry, and alternate reality in ‘Head Play’ will be available on October 6, 2017 on DVD and download from the Falcon Studios Group Store.

The A-list cast of Head Play is headlined by Falcon Exclusives Ryan Rose, JJ Knight and Skyy Knox, plus fan favorites Roman Todd, Jay James and Alex Chandler.

These studs are in it to win it. In the virtual world of Head Play, six stunning opponents out-wit and literally fuck their way out of situations with one goal in sight: Winning. Award-winner Tony Dimarco directs this high-energy, fast-paced sexual and mental competition that pits beautiful, athletic men against each other in a quest for the prize.

Ryan Rose finally finds the treasure he seeks in a virtual reality world when Skyy Knox swoops in with his new-found superpowers and ties Ryan to a tree in the blink of an eye. Before he takes the coveted item, Skyy decides to sample the stud in front of him and takes a pounding like none he’s ever had. As the two hunks finish up, they find out the hard way that they’ve been played. Roman Todd has just acquired the mysterious object when Jay James appears out of thin air. Jay takes the talisman and puts it off to the side before Roman gives Jay’s smooth, tight hole a workout with his larger than average manhood. Sex is the distraction that keeps men from keeping the lost artifact, and neither Roman nor Jay are an exception to this rule. When JJ Knight sits down to test a virtual reality game, he has no idea that Alex Chandler will be testing his boundaries. Alex unzips JJ’s jeans and gives his massive uncut dick an amazing oral workout that neither stud will soon forget. Skyy steals the trophy from JJ before he realizes that this is anyone’s game. Once JJ gets what he needs and takes back the treasure, he gets his own reward by claiming Skyy’s open, hairy hole. Alex and JJ are in the final round of the game. JJ can’t seem to get the upper hand and decides to play dirty with Alex. When he strips down and offers up his extra-large manhood, Alex caves in and gets his back door serviced hard as JJ plows him as deep as he can possibly go. Keep your eyes on the prize or it might slip into the hands of one of your sexy opponents. Watch Head Play to find out who wins and to revel in each sexual match up as the game unleashes the passions and desires of these handsome hunks. 

“I’ve always loved the idea of extremely different worlds colliding,” says director Tony Dimarco. “In Head Play, we explore what happens when lust, competition, and virtual reality join forces for a physical and cerebral sexual experience.”

“At Falcon, we love to explore hypothetical possibilities across all genres,” says Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti. “Tony really knocked it out of the park with this one. The sex, the settings, and the plot are all phenomenal. If this is what happened every time you stepped into the world of VR, then no one would ever take the gear off,” he said.

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