More Falcon Studios Group Superstars Take Over the Howard Stern Show

All month long, Falcon Studios Group stars have taken over the Howard Stern Show to celebrate Howard’s annual #Cocktober  festivites.   Yesterday, exclusive Skyy Knox and fan favorites Gabrial Cross and Fernando Del Rio hit the air to assist Howard and his team in an epic game of Pick the Pouch. 

Stern’s longtime producer, Sal Governale, stood in a lineup with Skyy Knox, Gabriel Cross and Fernando Del Rio, cock out to see if fellow producer and friend Gary Dell’Abate, could identify Sal’s cock thru a glory hole. After years of asserting that he would be able to identify Sal Governale’s penis in a lineup of similarly shaped phalluses, Gary Dell’Abate was finally put to the test on Wednesday, the 18th of Cocktober.

It didn’t take Gary long before he spotted his co-workers junk in the line of johnson’s. He started with cock #1 (Gabriel Cross) stating, “It’s not even in the same zip code as Sal’s … that thing’s ridiculous,”. Moving onto cock #2 (Fernando Del Rio), Gary commented, “It doesn’t have that weird thing I was talking about at the end, the chewed gum thing,”. Third times a charm when he got to cock #3 stating “That is so Sal’s cock.” All in all, Falcon Studios Group models Skyy Knox, Fernando Del Rio & Gabriel Cross were honored to try and confuse Gary with their big uncut cocks.

Fans can listen to the full show here:

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