Dylan Saunders – Gay Porn Star Spotlight

Watched our free hardcore trailer for Fleet Week (FVP183) yet? (If not, you’re missing out!)  You probably noticed the scene where some lucky bottom serivces and takes it from  Jose Enrique and (11+” uncut!) mega-top Barrett Long.

Well, his name is Dylan Saunders and we’re very eager to introduce you. Click the cut to learn more about this green eyed dreamboat and see some exclusive pics his hot ass in action…

Dylan Saunders

Falcon: Its been quite a while since we’ve had a hot ‘Dylan’ join our ranks. How’d you come up with the name?

Dylan: Hah – people just kept telling me I looked like a ‘Dylan’. Sorta Random. The Saunders just got added on to the end..

F: Well, you could’ve used that formula for picking it out…

D: Hmmm. Then I’d be Baby Beachwood. Cute, but no thanks.

Dylan Saunders

F: Why’d you decide to get into porn?

D: Well, I love sex and I love to show off. Having sex in front of other people is a great rush.

F: Where are you from originally?

D: Burbank, CA. Now I’m over in Vegas!

F: How are you handling the attention of being in porn?

D: Well, I guess it definitely helps in meeting guys.

Dylan Saunders

F: Okay, one last question before you have to get back on the set… describe your hottest sexual experience.

D: The time I got gang-banged by 3 hot guys, all taking turns on me.

Dylan Saunders

F: Thanks Dylan! People will definitely be taking notice of that scene with Barrett and Jose.  We always love an ambitious bottom.


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Spotlight will be back next week to feature yet another new stud. Have a great spring break!


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