Hot House Lets The Dogs Out for ‘Skuff: Dog House’

Director Nick Foxx Does It Up Doggy Style

Hot House today announced the release of Skuff: Dog House, a world where puppies please their masters and the reward for good behavior is always a nice fat dick. Skuff: Dog House is available on DVD and through download on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

This upbeat and sexy DVD offers up five vignettes featuring things that pups encounter in every day life. Award-winning director Nick Foxx leads ten hunky studs as they go for a walk through the world of puppy play fetish from humping the mailman, to getting a bath, to being rewarded for being good boys.

The cast of Skuff: Dog House stars Hot House A-listers Michael Roman, Gabriel Cross, Jake Ashford, Trenton Ducati, Skyy Knox, Seth Santoro, Beaux Banks, Austin Wolf, Danny Gunn, and Jason Vario.

Sit back and watch director Nick Foxx’s latest as the pups of Hot House sniff bulging crotches, gnaw on big fat bones, and get their asses humped doggy style! When mailman Gabriel Cross takes too long to deliver the mail to the Skuff: Dog House, pups Michael Roman and Jake Ashford wrestle him to the ground before sniffing and humping his butt. Trenton Ducati is training puppy Skyy Knox in the yard and when Skyy carries out every command perfectly, he’s rewarded with Trenton’s big curvy cock planted firmly in his tight ass. Beaux Banks is one stinky pup and Seth Santoro gives him a bath in the yard. Beaux nibbles on his daddy’s bone to make it nice and hard before Seth screws the pooch and rewards his best friend with a snout full of jizz. Danny Gunn has been a good boy in his cage while his daddy, Austin Wolf, has been away. Austin lets Danny out to play and stretches his hole before fucking the cum right out of him. Jason Vario has his pup slave, Gabriel Cross, on a tight leash. Gabriel will do anything to please his daddy and after getting slammed doggy style, Gabriel takes a fresh load of cream on his panting, begging schnoz. Whatever your desire, these obedient pups will deliver. Who let the dogs out of the Skuff: Dog House? Hot House, of course!

Skuff: Dog House is a fun ride that features a fetish that is too often overlooked by the porn community,” said director Nick Foxx. “Be prepared for plenty of butt sniffing, face licking, and lots of sucking and fucking to keep the Hot House pups happy.”

Falcon Studios President Tim Valenti said: “To me, puppy play is always fascinating to watch as a general rule. This cast had so much fun doing this feature that it shows when you watch it. It’s sexy, it’s playful, and at moments you’ll find yourself laughing and jacking at the same time.”

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