‘Love & Lust in New Orleans’ World Premieres on FalconStudios.com

Co-Directors Chi Chi LaRue & Tony Dimarco Launch with Update Starring Tyler Roberts and Wesley Woods

FalconStudios.com has announced the exclusive world premiere of the debut scene from their latest release, Love and Lust in New Orleans. The first scene from the new release features Tyler Roberts and Wesley Woods in a sudsy union in a New Orleans bathtub. The Big Easy has plenty of big things to offer when these two studs get together to find all the love and lust they need. The scene from Love and Lust in New Orleans will debut on FalconStudios.com on November 3, 2017. The DVD and scene downloads will be released on the Falcon Studios Group Store on that same day.

Tyler Roberts is soaking in the tub when his thick boner pops out of the suds. It’s a hard thing to ignore and Tyler doesn’t even try. He grabs it and wraps his fist around the shaft just as Wesley Woods walks into the bathroom to give him a helping hand. Tyler wants more than just a hand and hops out of the water to offer himself up for Tyler to savor with a nice long blowjob. After getting revved up, Tyler returns the favor to Wesley and gets the stud out of his tighty whities and hard as a rock with his warm and hungry mouth. The two horny studs take it to the next level and open each other up by taking turns rimming each other’s tight hairy asses. When Tyler sees that Wesley is fully opened and ready to be entered, he stands up and slowly slides his massive dick deep inside the muscled-up jock bent over in front of him. Tyler grunts and drives every inch deep into Wesley’s well-worked back door as Wesley screams out for more. With Tyler still deep inside of him, Wesley is the first to explode and shoots his seed up over his own head. Once Tyler sees Wesley’s pleasure, he pulls out and finishes himself off in Wesley’s wide-open mouth.

“First and foremost, this scene showcases Tyler and Wesley in a hot bathtub scene” said co-director Tony Dimarco. “Secondary to the sex but intricate to the story, we showcase the amazing city of New Orleans, where every day something amazing and sexy can happen and the lines between love and lust get blurry.”

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