New Compilation ‘My Big Fucking Dick – Shane Rollins’ Now Available

My Big Fucking Dick – Shane Rollins

Shane Rollins’ massive meat is the star in six jaw-dropping, hot scenes! This mega-star and his huge cock will have your mouth watering, and leave you asking for more. Check out all the scenes included and marvel at Mr. Rollins’ big fucking dick.

Shane Rollins rides Gus Mattox’s cock, until Dean Monroe pushes him off so he can get a ride. In another stunning display of his ass-manship, Dean manages to stuff both Gus and Shane’s cocks in his unstoppable ass.

Shane Rollins is enjoying some early morning privacy by the pool. He pulls at his cock and fingers his own ass with little need for assistance. Of course when hairy Troy Punk stops by to lend a hand, Shane happily sucks his cock in gratitude. Troy rims Shane’ perfect pink hole, taking a little time to romance Shane’ bulbous knob. Troy mounts a full-rear assault, filling Shane’ hole with his pole. But Troy can take it as well as he gives it – and Shane gives it to him good. After some vicious fucking, Shane and Troy pop their loads.

Hot House Exclusive Alex Fuerte and smooth inked seductive Shane Rollins are shooting pool. Shane reaches over the table for the perfect shot and that’s all Alex needs to get the action going. In no time, the stud’s pants are around his ankles while Alex goes to town on his smooth ass. Shane and his puckering manhole are begging for more of Alex’s face but Alex would rather suck on his fantastically wide cock and low-hanging balls. Now it’s Shane’s turn to inhale Alex’s long, uncut piece. Eagerly and sloppily trying to jam the entire monster down his hungry throat, he finally gives up knowing there’s one other hole that he’d rather have Alex bury his bone in. After being plowed real good, Alex gives it up for Shane as he’s propped up on the pool table. After some long, hard insertions, the two finally cum and collapse on each other.

Shane Rollins waits outside, wondering what buddies Peter Raeg and Michael Vincenzo are up to, and decides to imagine himself in an all-male sandwich that starts off with an ass eating extravaganza featuring Super Star butt hole every where you look! Hairy man-ass, begging boy-ass, porn star muscle-ass – no matter what your taste, it’s on the menu in the feature finale of ‘Gay Dreams.’ A frenzy of ass-eating is followed by wet and nasty cock sucking until you are aching for release! Then Michael Vincenzo and Peter Raeg take charge of Shane’s Butt in what cannot be described with words alone. This is real sex in real time and the cum shots prove it! Michael Vincenzo was so turned on by Shane’s world class ass that he actually shot four separate full loads in a matter of less than five minutes, the last one spurting out of his over-used cock right as Shane and Peter erupt in a massive joint spunk spasm that leaves everyone shaking in disbelief!

Following the Warden’s lead, Parker Williams makes an example of Shane Rollins, giving his taught, muscular ass an unforgettable workout.

The jaw-dropping nine-man orgy finale begins! Tag Adams (aka Chet Roberts) and Dean Monroe start out on their backs, they’re surrounded by the rest of the crew — Jacob Slader, Jason Crew, Jagger, Randy Gunz, Markus Ram, Shane Rollins and Kris Anthony. The seven studs work the two men — and each other – in a marathon fuckfest that has to be seen to be believed. There’s enough pounding, sweaty sex to leave your heart going Bang Bang!

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