NEW! Brandon Lewis & Beau Marcus!

Brandon Lewis and Beau Marcus waste no time and get things going by quickly making out and playing grab ass. The two horndogs know there’s nothing better to help while away the time than nursing on each other’s big throbbing cocks. Then Beau goes a step further and eats out Brandon’s asshole, his tongue circling the puckered cleft and darting inside and out. Next he plants himself onto Brandon’s stiff cock and bounces up and down, making them both gasp with pleasure. Brandon then has Beau laying down on his back; he grabs his ankles to keep his legs spread apart and starts to plow his manhole. The drilling rages on and on, faster and faster, until hey both shoot their wads, one right after the other.

To watch this scene from the Jock’s film ”Layover-Los Angeles Part 3” hop on over to – and to check out a few hot action pics take a jump…

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