I mean could you imagine being Roman Heart’s brother or sister??? You so know he was the golden child and

Roman Heart

could do no wrong. Well it’s kind of like that around here sometimes – he misses an interview, we reschedule it for him – he’s late for a club gig, we calm the club down – he’s late (on average – 20 minutes for EVERYTHING) to shoot a scene, we keep his scene partner hard. BUT, when he misses a LIVE web-show, that’s where we draw the line.

Roman will be making up his missed March 12th show on Monday, March 31st. He’ll be there and he’ll be on time. Also, don’t miss his regularly scheduled LIVE web-show on Wednesday, March 26th.

And if you just can’t get enough of Roman – and you ask nicely – maybe you can become one of his ‘friends’ on his MySpace page.

There’s a fierce competition going on right now between all the Falcon Exclusives – who can collect more ‘friends’ – well, Erik Rhodes is currently in 1st place with 14,153 friends – the rest of the boys better get busy if they wanna close the gap – REAL busy.

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