NEW! Brent Biscayne & James Gates!

Brent Biscayne has James Gates naked and relaxing butt-up on the massage table. He rubs and kneads James’ flesh to release the tightness in his muscles. But when the young man turns over, Brent gets his client’s lip-smacking love muscle really tight and hard by sucking on it feverishly. They switch places and James shows off his own cocksucking skills, exciting Brent o the point that he needs to fuck something quick. Brent targets James’ ass and quickly pumps his dick in and out in rhythmic thrusts. James’ thighs quiver and he whimpers and gasps as Brent screws him nonstop. They separate and get busy stroking their own cocks until both guys finally bust their nuts and cum all over.

To watch this scene from Jocks “Layover-Los Angeles Part 3” hop on over to to check out a few hot action pics take a jump…

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