New Compilation: ‘My Big Fucking Dick – Rafael Alencar’

‘My Big Fucking Dick – Rafael Alencar’

Rafael Alencar’s massive meat is the star in six jaw-dropping, hot scenes!

Chiseled Lifetime Exclusive Alex Collack and horse-hung Rafael Alencar stand stroking their rock hard cocks, watching Alexy Tyler struggle against restraints in the center of a Dungeon Bed. The two top men release Alexy and immediately put him to work on Alex’s tool. Alexy sucks cock like his life depends on it while Rafael probes his ass crack with his fat meat. Rafael mercilessly shoves his giant cock in and out of Alexy’s hole while Alex silences Alexy’s cries by shoving his uncut rod down his throat. Next the harness-wearing Masters throw Alexy down and switch places allowing Rafael to feed Alexy his cock while Alex plows Alexy’s ass. The sight of Alex’s chiseled ass proves too much for Rafael so he moves behind him and shoves his 11┝ cock in his hole. While he’s being punished from behind Alex rips open Alexy’s leather codpiece and begins sucking his cock. Alexy takes matters into his own hand and blows his load all over Alex’s face. Alex gets his revenge by showering Alexy in cum, shortly followed by Rafael who pumps his monster and releases on Alexy’s chest and face.

GayVN Performer of the Year Nominee Rafael Alencar has one of the biggest dicks in porn and Francois Sagat (another GayVN Performer of the Year Nominee) loves big dicks. Scene four begins with Rafael piercing Francois’s lips with his massive cock. Francois drools all over the monster cock while he bangs it against his lips and chokes on it. Francois’s ripped body, covered in soft hair, flexes and bulges in all the right ways as he swallows Rafael’s massive rod. Soon Francois has released his own dick and pumps away, bringing his foreskin back and forth. The pleasure overwhelms both men and they shoot loads before they even begin to fuck. Cum drips off Francois’s beard and all over his muscled chest. The scene continues with Francois bent over and displaying his asshole for Rafael to ravage. Francois has a perfect asshole and its beauty is only enhanced with Rafael’s wet tongue. Warmed up and ready, the fucking begins. Rafael’s dick is both fat and long and he tears Francois’s ass open with an aggressive fuck. We hear no complaints as Francois’s guts are filled. With an extra hand, Francois spreads his ass even further, allowing deeper and deeper plunges. Francois flips and allows Rafael to penetrate him while they face each other. In this position, both men’s bodies are revealed. Francois’s amazing torso ripples with muscles as Rafael’s meat pushes its way in and out of his ass. With a black rope tied around his balls, Francois pulls at his sack, further revealing the incredible cock splitting his hole. While Rafael rapes his willing butt, Francois shoots a sweet white load all over his chest, followed by Rafael spraying cum all over his asscheeks.

Rafael Alencar strokes his 11″monster, hoping to find someone to help him out with a 3-day load. As luck would have it, Ross Hurston comes along and gets busy sucking his cock. Rafael lays back, allowing Ross to climb on top of him and fill his mouth with his massive cock and balls, creating a king-size 69! All the face-fucking action has the two men rock-hard and ready for more. Ross flips over and sits right down on Rafael’s huge cock, bouncing up and down until it entirely disappears up his ass. Rafael decides to drive, and throws Ross over a bench so he can fuck him even deeper, thrusting all 11┝ of his cock in and out like a jack-hammer. Finally Ross throws his legs up over his head and balances on a stack of tires while Rafael fucks him, then pulls out to jack and blow his load. Ross jacks off and shoots his load into his own mouth.

Hunky Rafael Alencar finds the quiet Beaux Banner hungrily awaiting a blue collar hookup. Alencar’s hard uncut cock quickly finds its way through a convenient hole in his jeans pocket and into the eager mouth of Beaux. Rafael’s wet tongue and hard cock find their way to Beaux’s juicy pink ass. “Oh fuck, that’s a huge cock!┝ yells Beaux after Rafael forces his giant cock deep into Beaux’s hole. Rafael nails Beaux from every angle until Beaux takes the whole uncut whopper while squatting over Rafael. “Oh my God! Fuck! That’s a lot of cum!┝ Beaux says after they both shoot all over his tan chest.

Roman Heart opens the front door to find the movers have arrived. Studly Rafael Alencar gets started packing and getting the heavy boxes ready to be picked up. The work is strenuous so Roman suggests Rafael take a break. He offers the Latin stallion a massage to soothe his muscles but Rafael knows which muscle the horny homeowner means. The two men quickly melt in each other’s embrace and start kissing. Roman is soon down on his knees sucking Rafael’s swollen dick, swallowing every inch of uncut meat down his throat, almost gagging on its thickness and length. Rafael continues facefucking Roman hard, then gives the guy a break so he can return the gesture and suck his cock. Next he eats out Roman’s hole, licking and slurping the puckered cleft. Ready for more, Rafael crashes through Roman’s back door and delivers the goods, drilling him in a variety of positions before they lose their loads one after the other.

In the evening the soldiers play cards and drink beer, recovering from the day. As the soldiers relax, Victor Steele reveals a DVD with quite a special piece of porn. As the soldiers gather round to watch a woman take a big dick all hell breaks loose. Brodie’s face is seen and the crowd goes wild. As the noise level rises and the sex scene intensifies, Sergeant “Hole” and Ricky bust up the small riot. Brodie is forced up against the screen to lick his own balls and receive a barrage of abuse from the sergeants. After the soldiers disperse to their barracks, three men stay behind to play a game of strip poker. As Rafael Alencar and Luke Hass undress, Dominic Pacifico becomes the willing bottom. Dominic services both huge dicks on his knees. Both Luke and Rafael have massive cocks and Dominic takes turns on each one. He tries to take both at once but the dicks are too big. Dominic sucks off Luke while Rafael fucks him from behind. As Rafael shoves that huge tool deep into his ass, Dominic chokes on the dick that is in his throat. After a long round of fucking, Luke wants his turn to fuck Dominic so Luke and Rafael switch. But Dominic does not get off any easier–both huge rods are demanding attention, one from his ass and one from his mouth. Dominic climbs up onto the table and lies on his back, offering the men another chance at his pink hole. Rafael and Luke take turns fucking Dominic in tag team style. One after the other, the huge dicks disappear into Dominic’s asshole. After a long fuck session, both Luke and Rafael blow their loads onto Dominic as he shoots his cum.

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