Oh Erik – Now You’ve Gone And Done It!!!!

So we always knew Erik had a devilish side to him…

Erik Rhodes

..but now he’s gone and crossed over to the other side – allegedly.

Erik Rhodes - Altar Boy

I don’t think this is coincidental – I haven’t heard from Erik since the Gayvn Awards – can you become an ‘alter boy’ in that amount of time? Are there express classes you can take? Special favors you can do to accelerate the process? Was he THAT upset about not winning an award that he went and devoted his life to – well – you know – THEM? I’m at least hoping that this has something to do with http://www.xxxchurch.com/ and he hasn’t completely crossed over yet. I will say – their store has a couple holier-than-thou items, like the ‘Porn Is Bipartisan’ election yard sign, the ever popular ‘Jesus Loves Porn Stars’ t-shirt, and my favorite the Miracle-Eyed Jesus (thingy). Maybe if we promise to do a porn remake of “The Song of Bernadette” with Erik in the Jennifer Jones role we can get him back. There’s an amazing scene in the movie where Bernadette has a vision of the Virgin Mary in a muddy grotto and she instructs Bernadette to smear mud all over her face and clothes – okay – so need I say more? Hot mess. I can see it now. Maybe a little Jesus bling to put the scene over the top?

I think this is the perfect weekend to buy “Heaven To Hell” starring Erik Rhodes – it’s just SO appropriate don’t ya think?

Don’t forget to catch Erik LIVE this Saturday 3/29/08 6pm7pm PST at www.falconstudios.com – I just hope he doesn’t show up using one of these.

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