Jose Enrique – Gay Porn Star Spotlight

Last week we sat down with Falcon first-timer Dylan Saunders, hot off the set from the filming of our latest release, Fleet Week (FVP183).

Today we’re going to have a chat with one of the horny & hot sailors who helped work him over, latin stud Jose Enrique. Want to know what drink to buy if you run into this thickly-hung top at a bar? Click the cut for some hot Q&A, plus more exclusive hardcore pics from his 3-way with Dylan and Barrett Long.

Jose Enrique

Falcon: This was your first film for Falcon.. how did you get into the industry?

Jose: I love to fuck and got in touch with FabScout. They liked what they saw and put me to work!

F: Where are you from originally?

J: Puerto Rico, though I’m currently living in Chicago right now.

F: Got a boyfriend waiting for you back there?

J: Nah.. still single. Having too much fun right now.

Jose Enrique

F: What do you look for in a hookup?

J: The eyes and body are the most important for me…

F: Has doing porn helped your sex life off camera?

J: Nah, no change to be honest.. I was fucking all the time before I even thought about porn

F: Give us one of your favorite sexual fantasies..

J: Getting it on in the showers is hot as hell.. easily my fave.

Jose Enrique

F: How do you keep busy when you’re not punishing another lucky bottom?

J: Wrestling

F: Last question.. tell us 2 things about yourself.. something silly.

J: Uh.. for any fans of mine out there… my favorite drink is whiskey, and I can fuck like there’s no tomorrow!

F: Thanks Jose!

Jose Enrique


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