Get Your Hole Gaped Down the ‘Fistin Alley’ on DVD & Downloads

‘Fistin Alley’ Directed by Tom Moore

Welcome to Fistin Alley! The place where all the fist-loving studs and daddies go to lend a hefty hand up the ass. Take a walk through the seedy back alley, choose a horny stud or two to join in your fun, and let them go elbow deep until your rosebud blooms! Mike Tanner is rubbing his crotch in a dark alley when he locks eyes with Pierce Paris doing the same. The studs eat each other out before Mike bends over and takes all five fingers from Pierce’s big hand. When Pierce gets wrist deep into Mike’s busted hole, he starts jacking his big throbbing cock. He pulls his fist out and unleashes his load into Mike’s wide-open mouth without spilling a single drop. Ashley Ryder and Dylan Strokes are joined by Sebastian Keys in the alley. After slamming Ashley with his fist, Sebastian decides to get his asshole reamed by Dylan. Dylan’s fist does the trick and Sebastian unloads into Ashley’s open mouth. Dylan takes a turn fucking both studs before Sebastian throws a fist into Dylan and Ashley at the same time. Ashley takes him elbow deep and gets a facial from Dylan’s big, thick cock. Sebastian Keys is staring down hot daddy, D Arclyte, with his cock in his hands. D invites the young stud over, and after getting his ass stretched from Sebastian’s throbbing dick, he gets it destroyed with a wrist-deep fist. After blowing his load, D tries to leave the alley. Sebastian chases him down and won’t let him go until he gives Sebastian the wrist treatment that will leave his face covered in his own jizz. Enter Fistin Alley if you dare. It’s the place where only the most hardcore fist lovers are allowed. How far down can you slide?

Mike Tanner & Pierce Paris

Mike Tanner is in a dark alley, horned up and waiting for the right man to come along and help him out. He’s excited to see ripped hunk Pierce Paris show up with his thick fists and fat cock. Mike beckons Pierce over to his corner of the alley and wastes no time with pesky foreplay as he offers up his eager ass. Pierce takes the bait and soon Mike is out of his jeans and bent over clutching the dingy brick wall. Pierce knows what he needs and gets on his knees to eat Mike’s fuzzy hole. All the licking makes Pierce horny for something up his own ass and he rips off his pants to bend over and offer up his own tight asshole. Mike gets the hint and drills in deep with his tongue to please the horny stranger. Although Pierce’s hole tastes amazing, Mike needs a bit more from his night in the alley. He bends over and begs Pierce to finger his hungry hole. Pierce happily obliges and after applying plenty of lube on his gloved hand, he’s soon five fingers deep inside Mike’s ass.

Mike Tanner & Pierce Paris

Pierce Paris is in the middle of fisting Mike Tanner in a dark alley. He’s already wrist deep inside the hungry daddy’s asshole when he starts twisting his hand and plunging as deep as he possibly can. Mike begs for more as Pierce talks dirty and stretches Mike’s hole to its absolute limits. Pierce switches hands to give the stranger in the alley a little more variety and just as he’s getting wrist deep again, Mike flips over onto his back with the fist still inside. All the hole stretching gets Pierce hard and ready to blow. “Are you ready for that load?” Pierce asks as he pulls his fist out and starts jacking his swollen rod. “Give it to me,” Mike begs as Pierce walks over to his face. Mike opens his mouth wide and Pierce unleashes his load onto Mike’s tongue, making sure to feed the hungry pig every last drop.

Sebastian Keys, Ashley Ryder & Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes is in the Fistin Alley rubbing his hard cock through his jeans when Ashley Ryder appears in the doorway. Ashley lifts his shirt to give the signal that he’s ready and willing. The two studs meet in the middle and start kissing as they explore each other’s hard bodies. Just as Dylan is getting Sebastian’s asshole nice and sloppy wet with his tongue, Sebastian Keys appears in the alley to join in on the action. Sebastian doesn’t wait for an invitation and jumps right in as Ashley gets on his knees to service both hung studs. Sebastian wants to explore Ashley’s asshole and turns him around as he lubes up his gloves. Happy to get his ass serviced, Ashley grabs a pipe on the wall and bends over to let Sebastian slam his fist deep into his hole. Sebastian gets forearm deep into the greedy stud when he decides it’s time to get his own hole destroyed. Sebastian peels off his pants and shoves Ashley against the wall. He presses the full weight of his body onto the muscle jock as Dylan slides his hand into Sebastian’s loose hole. Dylan hits just the right spot with his closed fist and makes Sebastian blow his hefty load all over Ashley’s face and open mouth.

Sebastian Keys, Ashley Ryder & Dylan Strokes

Sebastian Keys and Ashley Ryder have had their assholes sufficiently stretched with fists and are now ready for Dylan Strokes’ massive cock. The studs are bent over a bench and a barrel in the alley so that Dylan can have his way with both of them. Dylan samples Sebastian first and drills deep into his fuzzy ass. Dylan doesn’t want Ashley to feel left out and soon moves over to plow the second stud in front of him. Ashley is so cock hungry that he needs both of his holes stuffed at the same time. He beckons Sebastian over to his face and takes his cock down his throat as Dylan continues to pound a steady rhythm from behind. Sebastian isn’t quite done with this threesome and has Dylan take his place on the bench. With two assholes on display in front of him, Sebastian puts on his gloves, lubes up his hands and throws a fist into each of the studs. He handball’s them hard, even getting Ashley’s rosebud to show. Ashley can no longer hold off when Sebastian gets elbow deep inside of him and blasts his load all over himself. The sight of Sebastian’s entire arm popping out of Ashley’s asshole is all it takes for Dylan to sidle up and blast his leaking dick inside Ashley’s panting mouth.

Sebastian Keys is eyeing D Arclyte as he rubs his rigid cock. It’s not long before Sebastian has his dick in his hand jacking as he stares down the hot daddy. D follows suit and soon has his hard dick out in the open and showing off for the throbbing hunk across the alley. Sebastian needs to get his cock wet and walks over to D to slip it deep down his hungry throat. After tasting the hung stud, D bends over to offer up his big ass and Sebastian happily accepts the offer. He plunges deep into D, making the daddy grunt with every thrust from his swollen cock. When D is nice and opened up, Sebastian decides to find out just how far D’s ass will stretch. He gets down behind his new fuck buddy and slips his hand deep into his loose hole. Sebastian gets wrist deep inside as he twists and turns his arm. The young stud still hasn’t had enough dick and sucks the daddy off as he continues to slide his arm deeper into D. It’s exactly what D needs, and soon his dick erupts with a river of cum that Sebastian gobbles up and spits back onto the daddy’s writhing body.


Sebastian Keys & D’Arclyte

After getting his asshole blown out by Sebastian Keys’ big fist, D Arclyte grabs his stuff and tries to leave the alley. Sebastian chases him down and brings him back demanding his turn getting his ass fisted. D submits to the aggression and gets on his knees behind the horny stud to eat his hairy ass. After sucking Sebastian’s cock for a bit and shoving his dick into the bossy ginger’s asshole, D is ready to shut Sebastian up once and for all. He bends the tatted hunk over a barrel and goes into his ass slowly, using fingers at first and working his way up to a full-blown fist. Sebastian wants maximum penetration and rolls over on his back while he spreads his legs wide. D gets deep inside before Sebastian shows off his wrecked hole with a protruding rosebud that invites D in for even more. The feel of D twisting and turning inside his hole makes Sebastian blow a massive load that squirts out and hits his face while slathering the wall behind him.

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