NakedSword Originals’ Releases Follow-Up to Their Hit 2016 Series Berkeley!


Today, NakedSword Originals is happy to announce that Berkeley: Sophomore Year, the follow-up to their 2016 hit DVD centered around their home town of Berkeley, California is now available on DVD via online and wholesale. Additionally, all individual scene downloads are for sale on the NakedSword and Falcon Studios Group Store at

Shot on location by NakedSword’s acclaimed Director mr. Pam, the new series, Berkeley: Sophomore Year, is a love letter to the progressive and vibrant town nestled in the hills of Northern California. In the first movie we saw the streets teeming with sexy young men, drawn to the area by the promise of higher education, a thriving arts community, rich cultural diversity, and the uninhibited liberal lifestyle that the bay area is famous for. A lot can change in a year! In Berkeley: Sophomore Year we see the campus is plagued by protests and unrest that reflect the challenging social climate of today’s politics. Berkeley: Sophomore Year centers around political dissent and addresses the free speech marches and ANTIFA protesters that have come about in the past year.

Berkeley: Sophomore Year features a talented and sexy cast including Campus Alumni recruiter Wesley Woods who finds out how far potential Freshman Timothy Drake is willing to go for his admissions. World’s collide while preparing for a campus rally when Berkeley’s Republican Club President, Leo Forte, butts heads with Democratic Club president Timarrie Baker. Their heated debate about “free speech” fuels hot sex between the ex-boyfriends. Meanwhile two hardcore ANTIFA protestors, Justin Brody and Teddy Bryce, enjoy a post-protest fuck-fest fueled by a violent political clash on campus. Back on campus hung professor Dallas Steele fucks horny student David Emblem in the infamous psych-building gay cruising bathroom, only to be shocked when the boy says “see ya in class professor!” Will it be a masturbatory memory or a #MeToo moment? Find out in NakedSword Originals’ new blockbuster Berkeley: Sophomore Year!

NakedSword’s award-winning Director mr. Pam says of the new movie, “This movie was so amazing to make, in part, due to the fact that our offices are in Berkeley which was ground zero for the Free Speech movement and protests over the last year. We literally had windows broken right in front of our office. Tim Valenti and I felt we should address it in the follow-up to Berkeley and make a movie that was both sexy and current. I feel we definitely did that and then some with this unique and super sexy DVD.”

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