RagingStallion.com Releases First Scene From All-Sex Feature ‘Shut Up & Fuck Me!’


Steve Cruz Directs Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles in Debut Scene

RagingStallion.com, the Falcon Studios Group site featuring natural men, announced the release of the debut scene from its latest feature, Shut Up & Fuck Me!. Award-winning director Steve Cruz directs Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles in the opening scene from a DVD that concentrates on nothing but hardcore sex. The scene will go live on RagingStallion.com on March 16, 2018, followed by the DVD and scene downloads becoming available March 23, 2018, on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles are making out as their hard, hairy dicks throb and rub against each other. “You’re so hot,” Kurtis says, to which Sergeant replies “Just shut up!” That’s Kurtis’ cue to get on his knees and service Sergeant who barks out the commands to suck his balls and eat his dick. Kurtis does as he’s told until he offers up his hairy hole for Sergeant to open up with his tongue. Sergeant takes his time, savoring the flavor and getting it nice and lubed and ready for something a bit bigger. When Kurtis can no longer take the anticipation, Sergeant stands up and shoves his thick cock deep into Kurtis. He pumps away, going balls deep as Kurtis enjoys every thrust with a giant smile on his face. Sergeant wants Kurtis to do some of the heavy lifting and lies back to let the stud hop on his cock. Kurtis rides it deep until Sergeant is ready to blow his load. Kurtis eagerly takes his place in front of the muscle daddy until Sergeant sprays Kurtis’ beard and open mouth with all the jizz his big full balls can deliver. With the taste of Sergeant still fresh on his tongue, Kurtis returns the favor and unloads his massive cock, giving Sergeant a creamy facial. When Kurtis sees his handiwork, he bends down and the two kiss the cum away.

“Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles kick off the series with high energy and no nonsense intensity!” said director Steve Cruz. “When the attraction is strong, words just get in the way. These studs get right down to the action!”

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