Overtime (FVP182) – Production Diary, continued…


Overtime (FVP182)

(Miss parts 1-3? Click here to catch up on Jett Blakk’s detailed account of life on a Falcon set.)

It was the last day of production.  After another too-big breakfast at Mel’s, we were all brought over to the Falcon offices for the final scene with ERIK RHODES and CAL SKYE.

Erik was raring to go.  I asked Producer ADAM why Erik was wearing a shirt, tie and sweater vest instead of the 3-piece suit I wanted, and he told me that Erik is so big and muscular, that suits have to be custom-made for him.  “I always have to wear suits”, Erik lamented.  It’s his own fault for looking so hot in them.

Overtime (FVP182)

We shot B-roll of Erik sitting at TODD MONTGOMERY’s desk, his fat hard dick sticking out of his dress slacks.  He stroked it while looking at pictures on the Falcon website on Todd’s computer, then takes a cigar out of the cigar box and leaves the room.

Cal was in a dark blue shirt, tie and dress pants.  We shot all the dialogue leading up to the sex scene.  Now, I usually don’t do this.  Generally, I shoot only the lines leading up to the sex and get the rest later, as shooting too much dialogue is tiring and can wear the models out before they start the sex.  And if I have a choice between an energetic sex scene or an energetic dialogue scene, I’ll pick the former.  Besides, once they cum, all most guys want at that point is to get their check and get the hell out of there.  lol.  But I digress:  Erik threw Cal over his desk, which we had to re-shoot a few times to get Cal’s head in the right place in the camera, then Erik yanked down Cal’s pants.

Overtime (FVP182)

“Now get a condom on and we’ll start with the first fuck position,” I said.

Erik looked at me and blinked.  “We’re starting with a fuck position?  Not sucking?”

“That’s right,” I said.  I want to break up the routine.”

He smiled and took the condom from ADAM KILLIAN, the p.a., and rolled it down his thick cock.  He pushed it into Cal’s ass and away he went, fucking the thinner man with a hard intensity.

“Now, pick up the cigar and put it in your mouth while you fuck him,” I said.  And he did, looking badass.

After enough footage, we went into sucking and rimming, then two more fuck positions.  The desktop was so smooth, that Cal had trouble staying in place, as his stocking feet kept sliding around.  The lube and sweat didn’t help matters.  In fact, we even had to change a position to one where the guys could get a better grip.  lol

Overtime (FVP182)

It was time for cum shots.  I wanted Cal to cum first, and he stroked and stroked until his dick was losing a layer of skin, but he just wasn’t getting there.  We turned off the lights so the set would cool down, I had the crew leave the room to give him some privacy, but it didn’t seem to work.  Now, taking a long time to cum just creates more pressure for the models, and any of the tactics I described above can either lighten the situation or in a worst case scenario, make things just do downhill.  I stood outside the room with cameraman LEIF GOBO, making faces at each other to keep ourselves amused until we would hopefully hear that cry of “Ready!” and all go running in, turning on lights and getting into position.

But when several minutes passed and this didn’t happen, a plan occurred to me.  I went in and told Erik that we would get his cum shot first.  Erik said fine, and everyone came back on the set.  Erik began stroking his dick.  Suddenly, Cal shouted, “I’m going to cum!” and blew his load all over his chest and stomach.

As I thought, by telling Erik to cum first, all the pressure on Cal instantly vanished, and his pent-up orgasm was unleashed.  Erik followed suit seconds later to huge gasps.

As the guys cleaned up, and the crew broke the set down, I said goodbye to everyone and hopped in the back seat of COLBY TAYLOR’s SUV, as he and Leif dropped me off at my hotel.

Overtime (FVP182)

Now, for those of you who saw and enjoyed DARE, after who read my blog on the production of that film, you may wonder what happened to the county fair location of the opening scene.  Well, here’s the lowdown:

As you may recall, it rained on LOU CASS, JACK SHAMAMA and myself while we filmed.  As a result, some specks of water got on my lens for a few shots.  Todd Montgomery felt that anything less than stellar cinematography wasn’t appropriate for the film, so he asked me to reshoot the scene, making it slightly shorter, as well.  I was told that on the last day of my San Francisco shoot, we would find a new place and shoot that scene.  Jack and Lou had already been contacted and were on board.

So the 5th day, TROY picked me up at my hotel and brought me to the offices.  Jack and Lou were already there, watching their clips from DARE on a monitor.  Hugs all around, and they both gushed about how much they liked what they saw.

A few minutes later, we all jumped into Troy’s car, along with Leif, and headed out to a park next to an industrial area.  Many places had been suggested (I even thought the spot where Kim Novak jumped into the bay in VERTIGO would be cool until we realized that Lou’s character was traveling cross-country, not cross-state), but Leif thought this park would be sufficient.  And it was:  barren, with a dirty lake and a dilapidated power station.  There was a huge ominous factory building in the distance, too.

We re-shot the scene and Jack got stabbed again, falling onto the grass.  Troy held the boom mike while I followed along in the script, making sure the lines were read correctly.  Within 45 minutes, we were finished, and Troy dropped me off at SFO.  I was early enough that I was able to catch the flight before mine and go home.  By the way, have I mentioned how much I love Virgin America Airlines?  Now, if they’d only go to Chicago.



Overtime (FVP182) is currently available on DVD, VOD, or as a part of your FalconXXX membership! If you still haven’t had your “men in uniform” fix yet, make sure to check out the free hardcore trailer for our next releaes, Fleet Week (FVP183), due out on 04/07/08!

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