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‘The Fetish Factory’ Directed by Tom Moore

Welcome to The Fetish Factory, where dominant studs work the sloppy holes of their submissive slaves and everyone cums hard. Grab a flog, strap on your leather jock, and let fetish master Tom Moore take you on an unforgettable journey with four hung studs who want to get you off. After Mason Lear and Mike Panic take turns sucking thick cock and eating ass, Mason ties Mike up and suspends him from the ceiling. Mason teases Mike’s dangling body before he lowers him down to fuck his hole and spews a giant load on his face. Now it’s Mason’s turn to submit and he bends over to let Mike flog and spank his hairy ass until he can’t take it any longer. The sight of Mason in such pleasure gives Mike a hard-on that needs immediate attention. He slams his cock into the panting stud’s asshole and pounds away until he blasts a load that Mason laps up with his tongue. Sir Sebastian Keys flogs his slave, Jack Hunter, before shoving a riding crop in his mouth and tightening his leash. With only spit for lube, Sebastian slams his cock deep into Jack’s backside and plunges away until Sebastian covers Jack’s massive balls with jizz. Sebastian restrains Jack and works his cock with his mouth and hands. He teases the hung stud with a flogging before he hops on to ride his slave’s monster cock. Finally, with Sebastian’s balls in his mouth, Jack is able to pound one out and cover the floor with cum. Whether you’re a slave or a master, you’re bound and required to get off to the hung studs who inhabit The Fetish Factory.

Mason Lear & Mike Panic

Mike Panic locks eyes with hunky Mason Lear from inside his cage and when Mason gives his crotch a tug, Mike knows it’s time to pounce. He steps out of the cage and gets on his knees to service the young stud’s thick curved cock before he bends him over to tongue fuck his hairy asshole. Mason loves every flick from Mike’s probing tongue but wants to take it to a whole new level when he reveals a table full of rope and toys. Mike is excited to play along with Mason’s fantasies and lets Mason tie him up and suspend him from the ceiling. With no control over what Mason might do next, Mike submits to Mason’s domination as he gets every inch of his body teased, tapped and tickled. As Mike’s boner grows, Mason lowers him to the floor to reposition him for a proper fucking. Mason slides his throbbing cock deep into Mike’s open hole and pounds away until he’s ready to blow. Mike deserves a reward for all of his submission, so Mason finally lets him down to take everything he has to offer. With a few final strokes to his swollen cock, Mason slathers Mike’s beard and mouth with cum.

Mike Panic & Mason Lear

After taking Mason Lear’s massive load on his face, Mike Panic is ready give Mason all the pleasure he can handle. Mike starts by grabbing a couple of flogs and bending Mason over. Mason loves the flogging but Mike likes it even more as his raging hard-on gets stiffer with each flog to Mason’s perfect ass. Mike is so hard that he needs a bit of attention so he comes around to Mason’s face and sticks his dick in the eager stud’s mouth. “Please spank me,” Mason begs between slurps of cock before Mike relents and grants Mason his request. Mike spanks Mason until his ass cheeks are bright red and burning and alternates spanking and feeding Mason his cock. Neither hunk can take the anticipation of fucking any longer, so Mike gets behind Mason and shoves his hard cock deep into Mason’s hole. Mason can’t get enough of Mike pounding his crack and keeps begging for him to go harder, deeper, and faster. Mike is in full control and gives Mason what he needs without being told what to do. Finally, Mike is ready for Mason to put in some work and lies back on the floor as Mason wraps his tight ass around Mike’s throbbing dick. Mason bounces up and down, getting Mike primed and ready to blow before he hops off and licks up every drop of jizz that drips from Mike’s fully drained sack.

Sebastian Keys & Jack Hunter

Hunky Jack Hunter defers to his Sir, Sebastian Keys, when it comes to picking out toys. Sebastian chooses a flog to start and is relentless on Jack’s smooth ass until it’s a deep shade of red. Just when Jack isn’t sure he can take any more, Sebastian grabs Jack’s leash and pulls out his riding crop to continue his barrage of belts to Jack’s bare skin. All the domination has made Sebastian rock hard and ready to fuck. He spits into Jack’s gaping hole to lube it up and then sticks his cock in to fuck Jack just the way they both like it. Jack moans as he continues to get railed and chomps down on the riding crop like a bit. Sebastian keeps pounding in and out as Jack eagerly takes it from behind. Sebastian wants to give Jack a taste of everything he has to offer and takes a break from the ass pounding to throat fuck his slave. Jack gags and chokes as Sebastian’s solid cock reams his face. Sebastian gives Jack one final treat of letting him lick his Master’s sweaty asshole before Sebastian goes back in to stretch Jack out again. He throws his sub down onto a table and plunges his hole until he’s ready to blow. Sebastian gives one final moan as he pulls out of Jack’s used up ass and shoots his thick load all over Jack’s giant balls.

Jack Hunter & Sebastian Keys

After fucking Jack Hunter and covering his low-hanging balls with a fresh load, Sebastian Keys restrains Jack in a sitting position. Jack’s raging hard-on is at the mercy of Sebastian’s every whim. Sebastian knows he has the upper hand and gets to work sucking and stroking his slave’s gigantic boner. When Jack is throbbing and almost ready to burst, Sebastian abruptly stops to face fuck Jack’s drooling mouth and to sit on his face. Sebastian reaffirms his authority and flogs Jack’s muscled chest before perching on the stud’s cock. Sebastian rides the giant pole up and down as the restrained Jack moans while his dick continues invading Sebastian’s hole. Sebastian is rock hard and his cock flops up and down with each bounce on his Jack’s thick dick. Sebastian can sense that Jack needs to blow his load and unbuckles his restraints to let him do his thing. With Sebastian’s giant sack in his mouth, Jack pounds his meat until he his cock erupts and slathers the floor with thick ropes of white jizz.

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