NakedSword Films Live at Nob Hill Theatre on Closing Weekend

mr. Pam Directs Epic Finale

NakedSword is going all out to celebrate the Nob Hill Theatre before it closes its doors for goodthis SundayAugust 19th. In honor of the event, NakedSword is filming a movie centered around the theatre and its place in San Francisco’s history. The movie will be directed by award-winning director mr. Pam and feature Falcon Exclusive’s Alam Wernik and Woody Fox with Adam Killian, Jessie Colter, Carlos Lindo, Max Duro, Brandon Wilde, Max Adonis and Timarrie Baker. The entire movie will be filmed on location in the theatre but this FridayAugust 17th, mr. Pam will direct Adam Killian, Jessie Colter, Carlos Lindo, and Max Duro live in front of a sold out audience at the famed Nob Hill Theatre. 

mr. Pam says of the new project, “This movie is a love letter to this historic theatre that was built in 1911 and has served as the backdrop for so many gay sexual escapades. The Nob Hill Theatre represents a big part of San Francisco gay culture. When it closes it will be an end of an era.”  She goes on to say, “Filming a live sex scene in front of a sold out audience is never easy but always exhilarating for me and the models. In fact, we filmed one of the first scenes at the theatre’s video arcade last week while it was open and a crowd of guys stumbled upon the shoot and while watching us film they began engaging in their own fun, it was so hot and a great way to add to the naughty nature of the theatre’s historic past.”

Tim Valenti, President of Falcon Studio Group and The NakedSword Network says, “We are thrilled to be apart of an event 50 years in the making, and we’re honored to be able to pay tribute to a San Francisco gay institution.” He goes on to say, “The owners have been amazing to let us film so many fantastic projects there over the years at no cost. I’m honored they are trusting us with their finale, and I’m sure the movie will be spectacular!”

Stay tuned for the more information on the release of the NakedSword movie paying tribute to the iconic Nob Hill Theatre playing exclusively on ‘The NetFlix of Gay Porn’ this November!

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