Pay Up to the ‘Strong Arm Landlord’ on DVD & Downloads

‘Strong Arm Landlord’ Directed by Tom Moore

What do you do when you can’t pay rent? These past-due tenants can only avoid and dodge their Strong Arm Landlord for so long before they must pay up, by any means necessary. Drew Dixon is late on his rent again and landlord Teddy Bryce decides he’s going to bust out Drew’s hole with his fist as payment. After Drew gets his hole wrecked, his debts aren’t paid until he does the same to Teddy’s hole. Tony Orlando is jerking off and gets interrupted by his landlord D Arclyte, who’s trying to collect overdue rent. Since it’s either cash or ass, Tony has no choice but to offer up his fisting-virgin hole to make his lease right. After Tony gets his first fisting, he needs to do the same for his landlord to get off the hook. When rent is due in this building, you better hope you have the funds, or you’ll be answering to the Strong Arm Landlord with your ass instead!

Drew Dixon is late on his rent again and landlord Teddy Bryce has had enough. Teddy catches up to Drew in the laundry room and Drew begs for just a few more days to be able to pay up! Until Drew can make rent, Teddy decides his tenant will have to give up his ass. Instantly, Teddy bends Drew over the washing machine and spreads his smooth ass cheeks apart to bury his tongue and beard into. The dominant landlord wants more and instructs Drew to get on his knees to service his cock thru his jock. Drew chokes and gags on his landlord’s thick hog before bending over again to take some whips from a belt. With Drew’s ass bright red from his spanking, Teddy gags him with a sock and slides his cock into Drew’s crack. Drew is liking getting his hole reamed by cock, but the landlord has something bigger in mind. To the tenant’s surprise, Teddy lubes up and slides his fist wrist deep into his overdue tenant’s smooth hole. Drew wants to get his hole spread out even more and lays back to let Teddy bust his hole. Drew pushes out a bulging rosebud to show his landlord he’s willing to pay his debt. As Teddy is reaching deep inside the stud, Drew oozes out a thick load onto his smooth abs.

Just when Drew Dixon thinks he’s done paying up for past due rent, Teddy Bryce coaxes him again. Drew begs to be let off because his ass can’t take another stretching. Teddy laughs and responds, “you’re not even close to being paid up! Get over here and suck my dick” Drew does as he’s told if he wants to have a roof over his head. Teddy grabs the back of Drew’s head and jams his cock all the way down his tenant’s throat. After face-fucking Drew, Teddy lays back and tells Drew to eat out his manhole and get it prepped to be busted. Teddy is ready for more so Drew gloves up and heads straight in with his hefty fist directly into his landlord’s eager asshole. It’s Drew’s first time fisting and he’s loving every minute of gaping Teddy. Teddy makes sure Drew knows he’s the one in control when he switches on his back and grabs Drew’s fist to put it up his ass for Drew. Teddy shows Drew how it’s done when he spreads his cheeks and pushes out his own blooming rosebud for Drew to tap. Drew kicks it up a notch fist punching Teddy with each hand until Teddy shoots his load that sprays all over the room.

Tony Orlando is in his room jerking off to some porn mags when his landlord D Arclyte comes pounding on his door about Tony’s overdue rent. When Tony doesn’t answer, D lets himself in and catches Tony with his cock in his hand. D lets Tony know, it’s either cash or ass. Tony doesn’t have any cash so D bends him over the bed and shoves his cock into Tony’s hole. Tony takes each thrust from D’s thick cock, so he can stay in the building. When D is tired of fucking the boy’s ass, he gets in front to fuck his throat. After Tony gets his throat fucked, D has him strip completely down and introduces a fist directly to Tony’s tight center. Having never been fisted before, Tony bears down and opens his hole up to his landlord’s thick fist. Tony quickly learns to love it and gets on his back to give D full control over how deep he can go. D is reaching far up into Tony’s now busted hole and he can’t hold back and longer so he jacks out thick ropes of cum that slather onto his abs.

D Arclyte meets Tony Orlando down in the basement of the building and greets him in a nothing but a jock. Tony says he can’t handle anymore but this time it’s all about taking care of D. Without hesitation, D bends over and tells Tony to plant his tongue right into his crack. Tony does as he’s told and goes to town on D’s ass making sure his rent debt is repaid properly. After D’s hole is lubed with spit, he tells Tony to glove up and shove his fist in. Again, Tony does as he’s told and eases his fist into D’s hungry hole. D coaches his tenant exactly how he wants his hole fist-fucked. Switching it up, D gets down on his back so Tony can work both fists in and out of D’s eager ass. When D’s decided he’s done having his hole busted, he stands up to feed Tony his load, shooting it straight into his open mouth. When D is done with his tenant, he shoves Tony’s head into the bucket of lube and leaves him there.

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