Justin Jameson – Gay Porn Star Spotlight

If you haven’t checked out the newest Mustang release, Cruisin’ Grounds (MVP093), then you’re missing out on seeing one of Mustang’s newest and hottest cock-hungry bottom boys in action. Justin Jameson, the tatted, pierced young stud with an angel face takes on both a huge dildo as well as Aron Ridge’s ten inch cock in a sizzling pool-side scene.

We got a chance to chat with during the set of filming our new Falcon release for May, Winter Heat (FVP184 – trailer coming soon!). Click the cut for some nasty Q&A, plus see some exclusive pics of Justin in action, both in Crusin’ Grounds and Winter Heat!

Falcon: Justin, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Tell us, how did you get into the adult entertainment business?

Justin: Actually, I started out as escort when I was eighteen, and from there I just kind of naturally drifted over to film!

F: An escort! Really? We’re sure you commanded top dollar! Is that how you were able to afford the tattoos and nipple piercing?

J: Haha, probably, yeah! Actually the nipple piercing was a Christmas gift from my mom, believe it or not!

F: Sounds like you have a pretty cool mom! So tell, us, because people are going to want to know, are you single? Or are you dating someone?

J: I’m single now, and pretty much want to stay that way for a while. Sorry guys!

F: Too bad! Well, we’re sure you won’t be lacking for fun while you’re single. Speaking of fun what would you say is your hottest sexual experience?

J: Oh wow, so much to choose from! Honestly, I like it kinky; gang bangs, blind folds, being restrained. And I LOVE being fucked in a sling.

F: Any particular traits you look for in a guy?

J: Yeah, I like my men older, very aggressive, and muscular. Hairy or smooth, doesn’t really matter much, but I do love a huge cock.

F: Haha, don’t we all! Well, we’ll let you get back to work, but before we do, just out of curiosity, what are your interests outside of porn?

J: I’m an active guy so I love running and working out. I love to go dancing. I also try to volunteer as much as possible and ultimately, I’d like to go to school and study nursing.

F: Wow! Kinky and a humanitarian! Good luck to you Justin and thanks so much for your time!


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  1. charlie

    September 20, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    loved watching aron ridge bustin justin

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