Another Side of Aspen: A History of the Epic “The Other Side of Side of Aspen” Series

San Francisco, CA  (April 19, 2011) – Another Side of Aspen provides a behind-the-scenes look at the beginnings of a gay adult entertainment legacy.  Chuck Holmes began the iconic Falcon Studios with a movie inspired by a ski trip 40 years ago, and today it is the most recognized brand in the industry.

The video includes interviews, snippets from each of the six installments and never-seen footage documenting the evolution of Falcon and the most successful franchise in gay porn history.  It can be viewed now on the official Aspen VI trailer and pre-ordering page – www.AspenVI.comAnother Side of Aspen will be included on disc two of the two-disc set available for pre-order now and available in stores on May 9th.

Directed by Michael Stabile and shot by Ben Leon, Another Side of Aspen contains interviews and footage from an upcoming documentary about Holmes and Falcon Studios, which the two are producing with NakedSword’s Jack Shamama.

“The original Aspen was really a turning point for the industry,” says Stabile, “and it changed the way a generation of gay men saw themselves. We wanted to not only capture that spirit and time, but also the emerging gay identity that’s reflected throughout the series.”

Chris Ward, director of The Other Side of Aspen VI, wanted to remain true to the roots of the Aspen series when he started the project.  “The footage in Another Side of Aspen was a small part of my research for directing the newest Aspen.  It was very important that we film and cast number six to recapture the essence of Chuck Holmes’s vision and modernize it.  His aesthetic and the natural quality he captured in the original are the gold standard, and I wanted nothing less,” asserted Ward.

Ward selected a blue-ribbon cast of exclusives and newcomers to continue the vision.  Featuring Falcon exclusives Landon Conrad, Roman Heart, Angelo Marconi, Tony Buff and Heath Jordan, The Other Side of Aspen VI also stars Adam Killian, Colby Keller, Gavin Waters, Shane Frost, Cameron Adams and Brandon Bangs.  Keeping with The Other Side of Aspen tradition, Ward shows off the talents of all his actors in a spectacular orgy scene, and the two hour and forty-six minute film has over two hours of actual fucking.

A two-disc wholesale version (disc one: full-length movie – The Other Side of Aspen VI  and disc two: special features disc – three bonus oral scenes, a documentary on the history of the Aspen series and one scene from each of the five previous movies) is available for an SRP of $59.95, and a seven-disc collector’s edition including all six The Other Side of Aspen movies  and the special features disc inclusively is available for an SRP of $99.95.

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