Roman Heart Fires Up Some Winter Heat

Wow! Talk about firing up some winter heat, well, when we sent out the invitation to send Roman Heart some of that bone warming whiskey for his birthday we had no idea what to expect. Let’s just say this – Roman has enough whisky now to keep warm for the next year or so! Along with a subscription to ‘Whiskey Magazine’ and a Jim Beam Bourbon/Whiskey t-shirt Roman received what I’m told is some kick-ass ‘sauce’ – Bushmill’s, Highland Park and Johnnie Walker. Now, if it had been sent to me I’d be making some Bread Pudding with it – having just returned from New Orleans I found out they use that stuff in their dessert down there! Now THAT’S the way to make use of some good whiskey!

Roman was also kept warm and cozy by Eddie Diaz this winter while filming “Winter Heat (FVP184)” in the winter resort area of Big Bear Lake, CA. “Winter Heat” will be available May 12th and features an amazingly hot scene between Roman and Eddie – and just wait until you see them going at it in their thermal underwear – HOT!

(No whiskey was used in the filming of this scene)

And if you can’t wait until May 12th for your Roman fix then be sure to log onto and catch Roman’s LIVE web-show – Wednesday, April 16th – 6pm-7pm.

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