Superstar D.O.’s First Falcon Studios Feature, “Office Affairs”

D.O., a former fashion model and television star in his native Argentina, is now one of the biggest stars in the gay adult entertainment world. With 16 releases under his belt, a major exclusive contract and 2011 Man of the Year honors from Raging Stallion Studios, D.O. now appears in his first Falcon Studios feature, Office Affairs.

Office Affairs pairs dynamic D.O. with Falcon Exclusive Roman Heart in the opening scene of this men-in-suits sex fest. Roman Heart owns an ad agency and he and his staff like to keep their clients – and each other – happy and satisfied. Heart meets with client D.O. in the first scene and after they talk shop, they get down to “business.” The scene is available to Falcon members at and the movie is available for purchase on the Falcon Studios Store.

The recent merger between Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion provides an opportunity for the biggest exclusive stars from each studio to cross over, providing a sensational meeting of the top “top” at Raging Stallion (D.O.) and the best “bottom” at Falcon (Heart). They are joined by exclusives Landon Conrad and Tommy Defendi. In addition, Office Affairs features Marcus Mojo, Brandon Lewis, Marko Lebeau and Dylan Roberts. Office Affairs is directed by 2011 Grabby Best Director, Tony Dimarco.

“D.O. is one of the sexiest men alive and he’s currently the most popular model at Raging Stallion. He was a natural choice to cross over into Falcon movies with his exquisitely sculpted body and impressive endowments,” commented Chris Ward, President of the merged company. “After viewing D.O.‘s performance in Office Affairs, I am certain Falcon’s audience will be tremendously happy to experience the beauty and talents of this superstar.”


  1. Ron

    June 6, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Hot man and congrats to Falcon!

  2. Matt

    June 8, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    D.O. is simply the hottest gay porn star on the planet. I have a lot of favorites (many from Falcon and RSS), but whether it’s just in photos or “live” on video, D.O. simply blows them all away. What I wouldn’t give to have five minutes with him…to talk, of course! 😉

  3. dominik

    July 18, 2011 at 7:18 am

    I LOVE D.O. i want to meet him
    come to me and fuck me

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