Director Interview: Big Rock Cove’s Andrew Rosen

Big Rock Cove
is one of the most important releases of the year for Falcon Studios, as it represents a renewed focus on the JOCKS brand.  The line has been re-launched and award-winning director Andrew Rosen was given the major task of helming the next evolution of the brand that has been among the greats in gay adult entertainment.  We sat down with him to discuss his background in the gay porn industry, this important project and where the brand is headed.

How long have you been in the industry and how did you get started?

AR: I have been in the adult industry since April 1994 when I visited my friend Kevin Glover at what would become Aries Post, a post-production house catering to many adult content producers.  Our customers were All Worlds, Catalina, Studio 2000 and countless others.  I had just finished an editing course when I visited, and Kevin coincidently needed an editor for his growing business.   After many years with the company I started to get a name and won numerous nominations and awards for my editing.  Mostly I won GayVN’s and a GEVA to start, and later XXfactor’s Hard Choice awards and a Grabby for Screenwriting.

Which studios have you worked for prior to Falcon & Raging Stallion?

AR: I started out working almost exclusively for Studio 2000 in the beginning and then became one of Chi Chi LaRue’s go to editors for her movies by All Worlds and Catalina.  Through the years, I have also worked for Falcon (before becoming an employee), Jet Set, Channel One, Colt, Odyssey, Cocky Boys & Renegade to name a few.  I also worked at Playboy for a short time on the show Naughty Amateur Home Videos.

What was the main reason you started working for Raging Stallion?

AR: The made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.   When an important studio like Raging Stallion offers you a job, you know you made it.  With a team of directors of such note as Chris Ward, Tony Dimarco, Ben Leon – who were there when I started – plus all the other talented Raging Stallion people, I knew that I had to take the offer even though I swore I would never move to San Francisco.

What is your biggest porn achievement prior to and after joining Falcon/Raging Stallion?

AR: I am extremely proud of the movies that I directed for Jet Set with two of my favorites being Going Under and The F Word.  Two of my editing project are also special to me:  first, there was Chi Chi’s Link series for which I edited the first four and won my first award for editing.  The second was editing Jerry Douglas’ Buckleroos for Colt, which swept so many awards.

Although all the movies I direct and edit here at Falcon /Raging Stallion are a labor of love with the re-launch of JOCKS, Big Rock Cove, being right up there at the top.  The Trap, which was the first movie I directed here at Raging Stallion, will always have a special place in my career.

When Chris Ward approached you about directing the first “new” JOCKS movie, what were your first thoughts?  How did you go about refreshing the line?

AR: I was thrilled, because this is the first movie I have directed under the Falcon brand, so for me it is a big deal on many levels.  When Chris (Ward) said, ‘We’re re-launching JOCKS, and I want you to direct,’ I really focused on capturing the essence of the best JOCKS movies and updating it for the modern audience.

What was your goal in re-launching the JOCKS line?

AR: To make a quality, sexy movie with the kind of young, handsome and masculine models that made JOCKS a major player in the industry – the hottest Falcon Exclusives mixed with the sexiest performers out there right now.

Does the final product meet your expectations and goals for the project?

AR: It far exceeded what I was hoping for.  I’m sure the fans are going to love it.

What is one thing about Big Rock Cove that really makes it stand out as a new JOCKS hit?  How will it compare to past JOCKS movies?

AR: This movie has more romantic moments.  There is quite a bit of kissing and passion throughout the hard pounding sex.  I think it stands up next to some of the most watched JOCKS movies of the past.

What was the best moment during shooting Big Rock Cove?

AR: I would have to say Tommy Defendi fucking AJ Irons in the pile driver position, and his amazing cum shot!

How was it working with Tommy Defendi and Donny Wright, two of the hottest up-and-comers in the industry?

AR: It is hard not to look at Donny Wright’s beautiful smile or Tommy Defendi’s gorgeous eyes, among their other wonderful attributes, and keep your concentration while directing.  They are such hot men!  Donny and Tommy are remarkable performers.  Donny had such a magnificent connection with both his co-stars.  They were affectionate before during and after the filming.  This is my second time directing Tommy.  He is a performer I would work with over and over again.

Will you continue directing the JOCKS movies moving forward?

AR: I am excited to be directing another JOCKS movie this August.  We are just in the process of putting together our incredibly hot cast and already have a beautiful location.  With the renewed energy toward the line, I’m hoping to continue to direct them and make them better and hotter than ever.

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