Indiscretion Hits the Streets

There’s nothing discrete about the newest release from Falcon Studios, Indiscretion. Steve Cruz, directing his first Falcon feature, exposes cover boy and Falcon Exclusive Jesse Santana’s promiscuous ways, and the events that take place after he’s confronted about his flagrant infidelities by his boyfriend, Dakota Rivers.

The award-winning director, Cruz, poses the question “what’s it going to take for Dakota to tame young buck, Jesse, and help him curb his indiscretions?”  To get to the answer, Cruz assembled a cast full of Falcon Exclusives Landon Conrad, Tom Wolfe and Santana, as well as hot commodities Christopher Daniels, Colby Keller, Dylan Roberts and Rivers.

After the confrontation, Jesse tries to ease his guilt with “the hair of the dog” by trying to find a hot session with his buddies, Conrad and Daniels, but they’re too occupied getting busy with each other. Jesse finally scores a hot three way with Keller and Roberts.  Rivers wonders, “why should Jesse have all the fun?” He follows that with an intense massage a super happy ending from Wolfe.  Finally Rivers and Santana reunite in the final scene for ultra-hot makeup sex.

“This story, stunning cast and erotic sex make for another great Steve Cruz movie,” proclaims Chris Ward, Falcon Studios president.  “Steve is such a valuable asset to our company.  Indiscretion shows how versatile he is and how he always gets the best out of his models.”


Total Running Time:  95 Minutes
DVD Country/Region: No Regional Coding Playable Worldwide
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Language: No Language Coding
Suggested Retail Price: $49.95

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