Matthew Rush Is Your Private Dancer

Twice a month Matthew Rush gives his all for those fans that can’t quite make it out to see one of his LIVE gigs. If you can’t make it out to see Matthew in-person then the next best thing is to order a big Matthew Rush Supercock, some Falcon lube, and buy yourself a membership to the site and work yourself into a frenzy! You could even set up a Matthew Rush movie-thon, get some friends over and make it into a drinking game – cause we all know drinking games turn into orgies – right?

Matthew Rush Bootstrap FVP159

Even better yet – plan your party for Sunday, May 4th – log on to that new membership you just bought and tune into Matthew’s LIVE web-show for some extra added entertainment. You and your guests could even communicate with him LIVE! I’m sure your guests won’t complain about that at all.

Don’t forget, Matthew Rush is LIVE on the web from 6pm-7pm PST this Sunday – enjoy!

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