The Internet Is For Porn!!

Hey web-surfers, porn addicts and lovers of straight boy’s!! We’re proud and excited to announce the launch of our brand new site – !!

Falcon Str8

Yeah, we know – there are other sites out there with straight guys doing things that aren’t so ‘straight’ but those sites don’t have James, Paul and Brice! These are without exception the hottest straight guys on the web today. Seriously – go take the free tour and tell us that you wouldn’t want Paul to marry your best girlfriend so that when she’s out of town on business you could invite him over for a case of beer…and maybe a couple Jager shots for good measure.

Falcon Str8Men Paul

Paul from

Along with the three guys mentioned the site is launching with fifteen others who are just as hot – and apparently horny enough to do the things they’re doing on camera. We won’t tell you exactly what they’re doing or who they end up doing it with – you’ll have to join the site for that – but there will be something on this site for all tastes – solo jerk-off’s, solo toy play, buddy jerk-off’s (our favorite!), circle jerks and then of course the eventual guy on guy action. When we watch guys like James, Paul and Brice a few of us here wonder – would it have worked to of given some guy we went to high school with a few bucks from our $3.10 minimum wage after school job to jerk-off with us?? Money is obviously a big motivator for these guys so we fantasize that yes – along with that $50 2-week pay-check and some free cheeseburgers (seems we all worked at fast food joints!) it would have worked!

The moral of this blog entry? The Internet Is For Porn!

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