Wolf Hudson – Gay Porn Star Spotlight

Time for another Falcon Model Spotlight!

This week we’re setting our sights on Wolf Hudson, the exotic stud who made his debut in JVP 124 – Road Trip Vol. 1 – Russian River fucking hot young jock, Luke Riley.

Then he got a little kinky in the Mustang production Vanished (MVP091), dominating and topping a bound-and-gagged Ryann Wood.

Recently, we sat down to chat with Wolf about his porn career, his life and hobbies. Turns out, he’s something of a Renaissance man! Read on…

Wolf Hudson, Falcon Studios, Gay Porn Star

Falcon: So Wolf, how did you get into the industry?

Wolf: Well, I actually started out as a dancer. I just got into porn because it seemed like a good outlet for all this sexual energy I had. Dancing does that too, but porn is quicker, haha.

F: Dancing can indeed be very sensual. What kind of dancing do you specialize in?

W: Mostly hip-hop style dancing. I was actually in a hip-hop dance group in high school. Oh, and I can also dance just like Michael Jackson!

Wolf Hudson

F: What would you say turns you on the most?

W: I definitely get off on the edgier stuff, bondage, gags, tying someone up and dominating them.

F: We noticed! Describe your hottest sexual experience to us if you can.

W: There was one time when I was in Florida and I hooked up with this super hot Cuban chick. We fucked for hours. She was incredible. Made me cum like three times that night.

F: Aside from dancing, what do you do when you’re not doing porn?

W: I try to keep busy. I write music, obviously still dance a lot. I’ve even done stand-up comedy which is pretty fun.

F: You write music?

W: Yeah, my friend who’s a musician called Funkapatumas, and I wrote a song together called “I Wanna Teabag You”. It starts off with “I’m gonna put my balls all over your face/tell me pretty baby, how do they taste … to you?” (Laughs)

F: Well we wouldn’t object to finding out how they taste, that’s for sure! One last question just for fun before we let you go; we see you in a bar, what kind of drink are we buying for you?

W: Hmm…depends, if we’re just gonna chat and hang out, buy me a beer. If you’re trying to get into my pants? Get me a vodka tonic.

F: Vodka tonic, check! Good to know! Thank you for chatting with us today Wolf!

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