Erik Rhodes And YOU – Tomorrow Night!

It’s hard to get to Erik Rhodes – you may find him at the gym but don’t bug him there, you may find him at some quirky diner in Chelsea, uhmmm, not a good idea to approach a hungry man while he’s eating, or you may even find him at some dark bar in the East Village but a man on the prowl isn’t always up for chit-chat either. We’re not saying Erik’s inaccessible but if you live outside of NYC or don’t want to be a stalker – make things easier by purchasing that Falcon membership you’ve been meaning to buy – and get a few good questions in while he’s LIVE on the web this Saturday night!

Erik Rhodes, Falcon Studios

A Gin & Tonic, an Erik Rhodes Supercock and Erik LIVE on the web…what more could you ask for? Tune in Saturday, May 10th at 6pm PST.

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