Matthew Rush Web-Show – Take 2

The life of a typical pornstar can be very hectic and demanding at times, but if you happen to be one of the biggest names in gay porn, as Matthew Rush is, you may quite possibly need a clone for those days/nights you accidentally double book yourself. Doh!

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Yes, Matthew was supposed to be in two different places at the same time on Sunday, May 4th so he missed his LIVE 6pm-7pm (PST) web-show. Never fear – he’ll be making that show up on the 25th of May and in the meantime he’ll do his regularly scheduled web-show THIS Sunday, May 18th from 6pm-7pm PST. Go ahead – visit the Falcon store and buy that Matthew Rush Supercock you’ve been eyeing – screw gas, food and utilities – just tell yourself it’s your birthday and you deserve it.

While you’re in the Falcon store browse around and pick up Matthew’s latest film, “Dare” – we dare ya.

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