Model Spotlight – Trent Locke

Trent Locke recently took a break from porn, but now he’s back and has an exclusive contract with Falcon and Raging Stallion.  Since he signed his contract a few months ago, Trent has been filming nearly non-stop and we’ve released four smokin’ movies featuring Trent  in the past month.  Rugburn! from Monster Bang Video, Woodshop and Pounded Down from Raging Stallion and Roughin’ It 2 from Falcon are all recent releases and he can also be seen in Falcon’s Retreat.

His full videography and photo gallery are below:

WoodshopRaging Stallion Studios
Rugburn! - Monster Bang Video
Pounded Down - Raging Stallion Studios
Roughin’ It 2Falcon Studios
RetreatFalcon Studios
Man Up – Mustang Video
Golden Gate Season 1 - Naked Sword
Men of Massive Vol. 2o – Lick Ass- Massive Studios

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