Roman Heart’s Argentinean Holiday

So what does a pornstar like Roman Heart do when he gets a postcard from a friend asking him to visit Argentina? Why he invites us to come along and film him having scorchingly hot sex with the gorgeous South American men he meets during his holiday! Roman’s 7-day trip was filled with sightseeing, clubbing and most importantly – lot’s of hot sex! Roman’s favorite and hottest tryst was a three-way with Argentinean boyfriends and Kristen Bjorn performers Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin.

Roman Heart, Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin, FVP186, Roman\'s Holiday, Falcon, Falcon Studios

The boyfriend duo act DP’d Roman on film - which was a first for the superstar. After the cameras quit rolling Roman commented that the three-way was the hottest sex he’s ever put on film! Check back here often for more photos from Roman’s trip and look for “Roman’s Holiday” on-line at July 21st or on DVD August 4th.

If you need a Roman fix right now – we have a solution for you – join and watch Roman do his LIVE web-show this Wednesday, May 21st, from 6pm-7pm PST.

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  1. Scott breger

    January 25, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    Wow I want to be in that pic or have one of those cocks in me. Ummmm

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