Pornstar Personal Appearance ‘Riders’

For any of you who spend time reading mainstream entertainment news you’ve seen the ridiculous stories that pop up from time to time on entertainers and their personal appearance/concert ‘riders’. Well, we wondered what our Falcon Exclusives would request if they could hand Gus Presents’ or ‘Jeffrey Sanker Presents’ a nice little list of all their late night needs…and we weren’t surprised at all by how they responded.

Erik Rhodes


1. 20 piece McDonalds Chicken McNuggets with Buffalo Sauce.

2. Poland Spring Orange Mandarin Sparkling Water

3. Energy Drinks

4. Eye Dropper

5. A lighter

6. Strobe light

7. Rubber tube

8. Metal spoon

(Everything else… I’ll bring myself)

Matthew Rush


1. A bowl of green M&M’s

2. Fuzzy Slippers

3. A used pair of John Cena’s underwear

4. A Bedazzler

5. Makeup Artist

6. Sky 90 Vodka

7. TV and DVD player with bootleg copies of movies that are only in theaters

8. Erik Rhodes who I will nickname “Mrs. Pennyapple” as my personal assistant!

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TJ Hawke


1. a rainbow made out of m&m’s on a table in my dressing room.

2. Chicken breast and green beans after my dance sets

3. A full length body mirror

4. winter fresh gum

5. Fiji spring water

6. 5 gallon bucket of Kamikaze’s

7. a stack of towels

8. a very sharp razor blade


Aden Jaric, Jordan Jaric, The Jarics


1. Body oil & Glitter so we can be Glitray

2. Assortment of “skittles”

3. Vita water (preferably vitamin C)

4. Four small doggie toys to bring home to our Pomeranians

5. Wintergreen chewing gum (whitening of course)

6. A bottle of Bacardi and diet coke ( O carbs/ O calories)

7. String cheese…lots of it…already strung!

8. The suicide hotline for TJ and his sharp razor blade


Roman Heart


1. chocolate covered gummi bears

2. cocoa butter

3. bottle of pear vodka

4. large oscillating fan

5. pizza to indulge on when I’m done dancing

6. comfy robe to wear between dance sets

7. bottle of premium whiskey

8. clean towels


Tristan Jaxx


1. box of magnum sized condoms

2. fresh box of wet wipes

3. small curd nofat cottage cheese and BBQ potato chips

4. bottle of jagermeister

5. Orbit teeth whitening gum (spearmint)

6. evian water in a spray can

7. a lock on dressing room door

8. towels with a Downy fresh smell


Tony Capucci


1. sixpac of smartwater

2. case of Corona beer and 10 limes

3. bottle of Patron Silver Tequila and salt

4. fresh salsa and tortilla chips

5. six fresh towels

6. pair of new flipflops

7. Outback Steakhouse gift card

8. small hand mirror

(no frisking or bag check upon entering club!)

Although we would support a liquor that brightens and whitens the teeth we do not endorse some of the requested items – even though we’ve probably asked for each and every one of them at some point in our life and ask that you understand that these lists are for ‘entertainment purposes only’.

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